demings town hall

Representative Val Demings, Florida’s 10th Congressional district, will hold a Legislative Update and Town Hall on the Affordable Care Act in Orlando tomorrow.  Demings will be joined by several representatives from the healthcare industry.

This will be Demings’ first town hall since being elected in November.

“There is a lot happening in Washington and here at home, and it’s important for me to hear from my constituents,” said Demings.”I want them to be a part of the conversation so I can take their concerns back with me to DC.”

The town hall will be held at the Dr. Phillips High School Auditorium tomorrow, Sunday, February 26th from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

Dr. Phillips High School is located at 6500 Turkey Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32819.



  1. Well, at least Val is planning on showing up for the town hall meeting tomorrow, and will be listening, and will make her presence known……. unlike some OTHER elected officials, we know of, and detest!

  2. Rubio is the first one that comes to my mind, offhand, but there are plenty of others. He had one of the worst records ever of missing votes. Then he spent all of his time campaigning for president instead of representing the people for the job he got elected for, then turned around ran again, and was lucky enough to get elected again, and then is a NO SHOW on town hall meetings. He is one of the most flip-floppy elected officials ever. I don’t think he even knows himself what he believes in.

  3. Maybe people should keep an open mind on Val Demings as a Congress member who is new to the job. Although the Democrats are not the party in power right now, and that makes it harder to accomplish goals, do not underestimate Ms. Demings and if you choose to believe gerrymandering got her elected and will keep her in office, I say good! I hope she will stay in office, more power to her! Rubio’s record is what it is.

  4. The long list of Republican Congress people elected, who are bowing out of going to meet their constituents in person face to face in town hall meetings and playing possum is growing…….because it is so much easier to just receive an angry phone call or an angry letter and just hit a button and fire off a standard generic e-mail response that doesn’t amount to anything or address a person’s concerns. In fact, google around and search for Congress members who are not attending town hall meetings and you will find a story on a website, about constituents who are getting so irked by their MIA representatives that they are still organizing and attending the town hall meetings themselves, and have a cardboard cutout of their absent Congress person’s likeness on stage to represent them……LOL

  5. The above posting about the no show Congress people at the town hall meetings and the cardboard cutouts being used is on ThinkProgress. org.

  6. Let’s see…..keep an open mind on racism, bigotry, hatred, discrimination, destroying the environment, destroying needed regulations, colluding with our enemy secretly, and turning our backs on our allies, attempting to censor our people and cut us off from the free press and media sources, attempts to stop our rights to protest, disregard for people’s healthcare needs……thanks, but no thanks, for an open mind when it comes to him……….


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