1. I have been all over the Big Island. Stayed at Kona Coast. Watched fish brought in and hoisted up that weighed over a 1,000 pounds each. Grocery stores out there, supplied with more saltwater tackle than some of the best tackle stores around here. Everything super costly to eat, even the fast food. Beautiful birds in all colors around our balcony. Scary at night looking out across the ocean, and knowing you were a sitting duck if attacked, or other disaster. Tour driver in van almost skidded us off into a super deep ravine when he decided to pull over, on the roadside, real fast, and hit the brakes, on a rocky road side, as we were going around and around a mountain. Saw a pure black sand beach that burnt the crud out of my feet, and went and walked on a fresh lava field. Smelled wonderful floral scent in the air plus smoky ash hazed the air everyday from the volcano. Nice place to visit but would not want to live there. You may not believe me when I say this, but I would rather live here in fabulous Apopka than Hawaii. LOL!!!!


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