By Allen Brown

Addiction is a growing issue all over the world. Modern society is constantly working on ways to combat addiction and come up with new ways of curbing its effects. 

That being said, there are many forms of addiction, each with its own unique set of requirements and issues. Today we’ll give you a brief rundown of different types of addictions and how they are treated. 

Substance Abuse and Resulting Addictions 

Substance abuse is responsible for some of the most common types of addiction. Any substance that induces a high can be abused. Substance abuse of drugs that create dependency is what leads to addiction. 

Alcohol Addiction 

Alcohol is one of the most popular drugs in the world. It is legal just about everywhere. More importantly, alcohol consumption is socially acceptable. Alcoholism represents addiction to alcohol, and it accounts for a large portion of all addiction cases

Treating alcohol addiction usually comes down to participating in a rehabilitation program. Being a member of various support groups aimed at treating alcoholism is also an effective way of battling this form of addiction. 

Drug Addiction 

Unlike alcohol, drugs are illegal substances that cause heavy dependency. Drugs such as heroin can have extremely painful physiological effects on one’s body, which is why they are so difficult to treat. That being said, heroin addiction treatments do exist, and they are often very effective. 

Unlike with alcohol, most drug addictions are treated in two ways: 

  • Through medical therapies 
  • Through behavioral therapies 

Medical therapies were developed to treat heavy cases of opioid addiction where the physiological effects of withdrawal are just too severe for the patient. The medication developed for this type of treatment targets the same receptors as the drug the patient is being treated for. 

The main difference is that such medication can be used to slowly bring the patient down without creating a high. That way, the body isn’t suffering a shock of complete withdrawal and can be weaned off gradually. Such treatments are often administered in rehab centers as a part of their detox process. In fact, detox is the first step towards the complete rehabilitation of patients. 

Prescription Drug Addiction

While opioid drug addiction is a rampant problem, it’s prescription drug addiction that is slowly becoming a massive issue. Prescription drugs, mostly painkillers, are an essential part of post-injury recovery. However, not everyone reacts to painkillers the same way. 

Some people get addicted to this type of drug, without even realizing that they have a problem. Treatment of prescription drug addiction is more or less the same as with any other form of chemical addiction. 

Most therapies include detoxification through the use of medicine and a behavioral therapy that follows right after. 

[For help with alcohol and drug addiction, consider calling the National Drug Helpline at (844) 289-0879, or find help through their website]

Behavioral Addictions 

Everything we’ve discussed so far falls within the chemical addiction category. In other words, the addiction is a product of chemical dependencies developed through substance abuse. Behavioral addictions refer to dependencies that evolve through activities. 

Gambling Addiction 

Gambling addiction is one of the most prevalent forms of behavioral addiction among adults. This is a serious problem that has real-world consequences for those who aren’t capable of dealing with their addiction. Speaking of which, treatment for gambling addiction is often formed around cognitive behavioral therapy

Additionally, in many cases of gambling addiction, there are underlying conditions that could be the actual cause of such addiction. Disorders such as ADHD, BPD, depression, and similar are often found to be the culprit behind behavioral addictions as a whole. 

Video Game Addiction 

We live in a world that has a virtual dimension to it. Video games offer an escape from reality and are one of the leading causes of addiction among young adults and kids as young as 8. Treating video game addiction is done through counseling and behavioral therapy. 

One thing worth mentioning is that video game addiction, just like internet addiction, is difficult to diagnose. By the time you notice that you or someone you care for have a problem, you’re probably nearing the extreme. 

When to Seek Help? 

No matter what you or someone close to you is addicted to, recognizing that there is a problem is the first step towards recovery. You should seek help the moment you recognize the first signs of addiction. The sooner you gain control of the situation, the better. This applies to both chemical and behavioral addictions. 

Whom you seek help from matters as well. Rehab centers are the best place to look for help and counseling. Staffed with professionals whose main job is to help people, such centers have a proven track record of success when it comes to dealing with all forms of addiction. 


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