Despite spirited discussions, heated debates, and split votes, all members of City Council respected Dean’s accomplishments and public service

On Wednesday Commissioner Billie Dean told The Apopka Voice that he will retire from office at the end of his sixth term which ends in 2018. His retirement will conclude one of the true firebrands in Apopka political history. Despite his passion from the dais, which was often targeted at specific Council members, the Council respects his passion and honored his service.

Commissioner Diane Velazquez: He tackled difficult and unpopular subjects without fearing the opposition.”

“I would like to congratulate Vice Mayor/Commissioner Billy Dean on his retirement from public service after deciding not to run for re-election in 2018,” said Commissioner Diane Velazquez, who will become the senior member of the City Commissioners if she is re-

Mayor Joe Kilsheimer: “His voice will not be easily replaced.”

elected in 2018. “Commissioner Dean is our longest servicing public official in the Apopka City Council and deserves our respect and admiration for his 25 years of dedicated service. His wealth of knowledge in Agriculture and in Apopka history gave him an edge in many of the decisions he made as an elected official. His passion was apparent and he used his life experience as a tool to better serve the community and Apopka’s residents. Commissioner Dean was not and is not a person that is afraid or suffers from the effects of fear or apprehension. He will and has tackled difficult and unpopular subjects without fearing the opposition. I personally respect him for not wavering in his beliefs. I wish him the very best and good health. I have no doubt Commissioner Dean will finish his term advocating for the residents of Apopka and will continue to be the steadfast individual that has made him a person that many in our community respect and admire. Good luck and God Bless you, Commissioner Dean.”

Despite the spirited discussions, heated debates, and split votes, Apopka Mayor Joe Kilsheimer points out Dean’s mission to be a voice for those most in need of help in the Apopka community.

 “Since I’ve known him, Vice Mayor Dean has been a forceful advocate for the under-served in our community,” Kilsheimer said. “His voice will not be easily replaced.”

 Commissioner Kyle Becker has only been on Council a little over a year, but he too recognizes Dean’s accomplishments.

Commissioner Doug Bankson: “Commissioner Dean has served this community from the heart.”

 “I would like to thank Commissioner Dean for nearly 25 years of service to the city of Apopka.  His contributions during that time are many, including the Apopka Community Garden bearing his name.  I have enjoyed serving alongside him for the past year, and although the friendly banter we share at city events will be missed, I hope Commissioner Dean enjoys a well-deserved retirement and I congratulate him on his success.”

Commissioner Kyle Becker: “His contributions are many. I congratulate him on his success.”
 Doug Bankson is also a first-term commissioner that believes experience and new ideas should be blended in an effective City Council. He praised the heart that Dean brought to his time on the City Council.

 “I congratulate Commissioner Dean on his many years of service and will miss him from the council,” he said. “Though there is something to be said for fresh faces and new ideas, there is an inherent value in experience and the wisdom that can come with it. The mix of wisdom and freshness is a good blend, and they give a sense of both stability and excitement. I am thankful for the solid base that others leave us to build upon. I’m hopeful that Commissioner Dean’s years of service will be honored and we should be thankful for men such as this. It takes a lot to be a public servant, and Commissioner Dean has served this community from the heart. I pray blessings for he and Isadora as they enjoy the good fruits of their lives.”



  1. I will say goodbye to you, Vice Mayor and Commissioner Dean when you leave elected office next year in April, when your term is up. It’s too early for me to say goodbye to you yet, after all, you still have months and months of time left to give the rest of the city council members some well deserved tongue lashings…..LOL


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