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By Mike Gilland

If you were asked to name the authors of the Psalms, would you think of Moses?  Probably not – but he was! The very familiar Psalm 90 was written by Moses, and it begins with “Lord, you have been our dwelling place in all generations.”

Moses himself was familiar with all types of dwellings, from the riches of Pharaoh’s palace to the humble abode of a desert shepherd.  His external surroundings didn’t seem to impress him, as you won’t find any evidence of his whining or complaining about how much he missed his palatial home in Egypt.  

As his name represents, Moses was drawn TO God, and Moses was drawn BY God – out of the bulrushes of the Nile, out of Egypt by an act of defense for a fellow Jew, to the strange fire of the burning bush – where Moses was commissioned to be emancipator.

Moses never was able to personally walk in the promised land to which he was leading the people of Israel.  But neither was he ever outside the shelter of his Lord. For the Lord Himself was his dwelling place.

Moses knew that God WAS God.  His God was the GREAT I AM.  And it was under the shadow of His wing that Moses lived.

And while this was so very true for Moses, how much more true is this for us today?  Moses was able to look back for a period of about a thousand years of recorded history…but we are able to look back from Moses and Joshua, to David, to the incarnation of Christ, to Peter and Paul, and to the church.  

God was faithful to Moses, and He is faithful to us today.  And that God is our dwelling place today.

Till next time.

Mike Gilland is Operations Manager for The Shepherd Radio Network, a group of radio stations in Florida that features the “Christian Teach/Talk” format.  Mike hosts a daily talk radio show in the 2 PM hour called “Afternoons with Mike”, talking to local pastors and newsmakers.  In Orlando, The Shepherd is heard on WIWA, AM 1270.   In addition to his broadcast experience, Mike spent 36 years in full-time ministry as a pastor and worship leader.  As a guitarist, Mike performs at concerts, restaurants, private parties, etc. He is married to Cindy, the father of four grown children and grandfather to seven grandchildren.


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