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Planning Commission and City Council meetings to be rescheduled

 David Moon, Planning Manager for the City of Apopka announced via email today that the public hearings for the New Errol project will be rescheduled and re-advertised.
 “As of the date and time of this email, the Community Development Department has not received a revised master plan based on the most recent Development Review Committee meeting.”
Robert Sargent, Public Information Officer for Apopka, confirmed the cancellations in a later email.
 “The upcoming Planning Commission and City Council meetings to consider the New Errol development proposal originally scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 20, and Tuesday, Feb. 27, have been postponed. The city will announce new meeting dates as soon as they can be scheduled.”
However, an attorney for the Signature H Property Group said in a statement that the cancellation was due to an error in advertising the venue.
 “It has come to our attention that the Notice of Public Hearing posters provided by the City of Apopka listed the wrong location for the upcoming public hearings on the New Errol project and, therefore, did not comply with the public notice requirements of the City Code,” said Jonathan Huels, an attorney with Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor & Reed, P.A. representing Signature H. “Consequently, the public hearings before the Planning Commission on February 20, 2018, and the City Council on February 27, 2018, have been cancelled and will be rescheduled to a later date. We are disappointed by the delay caused by this error and will work diligently with the City to ensure that the meetings are rescheduled as soon as possible and properly noticed in compliance with the City Code.”
Helmut Wyzisk III, the Vice President for Signature H Property Group, said the revised master plan will be ready for the next scheduled meeting.
 “We were prepared to submit by end of today, but that deadline was based on the previous meeting schedule,” he said. “We should receive the new meeting schedule soon, and plan to submit the revised master plan next week.”
 Signature H Property Group, the developers of the New Errol project, presented their massive undertaking to the Apopka City Council in August of 2017. The project, which would completely transform Errol Estate, includes:
  • A redesigned championship golf course
  • A 15,000 square foot clubhouse with restaurant
  • A boutique lodge hotel
  • A two-acre water park
  • Outdoor parks and trails
  • 264 new residences
  • A resort-like Adult Living Facility

It was also learned in the August meeting that the project would cost $150-million to construct in total and that the 10-year projection for the project is expected to net $121 million.

The City Council voted 4-1 to approve the Ordinance (2581) on first reading, which moved the project to a state review. In December, the state approved the project, which brought the project back to the City of Apopka for final approval.


  1. I have been reading about the Bar-B-Q competition winners on the city’s website. Did I read and understand correctly that the same bar-b-q team from Apopka that won the grand championship bar-b-q competition also won the steak cook- off too? Did they use some kind of special “herb” rub or seasoning?????? LOL Inquiring minds want to know……..

  2. I turned on my cell phone last night and brought up the news, and was shocked when I saw the headline story of a mass shooting at a Florida High School…17 dead, and 12 injured, by a former high school student who used to attend school there. I couldn’t believe it, and thought, oh no, another mass killing here in Florida! Absolutely awful! They are going to have to secure the schools like prisons, and have metal detectors, and armed security guards, or either everyone will need to be home schooled in the future, as it is getting that bad!

  3. Okay, I will acknowledge Mayor Kilsheimer getting the Orlando Sentinel’s political endorsement, from the newspaper’s editorial board over Orange County Commissioner, Bryan Nelson, for the Apopka Mayor…. Congratulations Mayor Kilsheimer. however…..that bragging they did in that endorsement, about Apopka having the second lowest millage rate on the property tax rolls of any full service municipality in Orange County, is a very strange point of pride to be addressing as to Mayor Kilsheimer, because honestly he “looks down on that low millage rate”….and wants to up that millage rate, believe me, when I tell you that! I have preached to him in the past, at the millage rate public hearings, that our low tax millage rates are a tradition in our city to be proud of, and he didn’t want to hear it!! The only reason the millage rate did not go up this last time, was due to the election coming up!!!! Read my lips….you all just wait….if Mayor Kilsheimer gets re-elected mayor, then expect a millage rate increase, and he has his minions that want to go along with him on that also, big time!!! Take heed, and be warned!!! The truth!!!

  4. It seems the local politicians are playing some sort of sick musical chairs game here in this area. Now Orlando Chief of Police, John Mina, who had s an interest in, and had indicated he was going to run for Orange County Sheriff, has now jumped into the Orange County Mayor’s race…..

  5. and there are plenty of other local politicians switching around and running for different political positions. Plus Bill Sublette, the Orange County School Board Chairman, who had been collecting campaign donations for Orange County Mayor, bowed out of the race for Orange County Mayor……wishy washy people! If you all can’t make up your minds of what you want, how are we, the voters, suppose to make up our minds about who we want???

  6. Has anyone read the tale of the Lantana, Fl. Mayor and the lady who came and spoke before the Lantana city council requesting speed bumps on her street, and how that allegedly went? Look it up on google, that is all I am going to say…..LOL

  7. Trump seemed to be in a trance when he gave the speech about the high school mass shooting here in Florida. It seemed to me, that he was speaking like a robot. I think someone else, other than him, wrote that speech.

  8. Trump’s lawyer said that he paid off Stormy Daniels to be quiet about Trump and Stormy’s alleged affair…, wasn’t that BIG of him? That is really going beyond the call of duty, I would think.

  9. I wonder if the first lady, Melania, bought her hubby some silky boxer undies with big red lip kisses all over them for Valentines Day? ha ha Or maybe some tighty whiteys in the Fruit of Trump label? Extra small… Or some man panties? LOL

  10. Alright, I am getting niffed about this back and forth about whether there is money left in the reserves of the city or not, and how much is in there…..give me the key, I will go in the vault and sit and count it myself…LOL

  11. Riding around town and looking at all the wanna be politicians at every major intersection, holding their signs and waving, makes it seem like that the Monarchy of the United Kingdom Crown is up for grabs.

  12. Okay you can’t believe anything during this election crap….yesterday I posted about OPD Chief John Mina was running for Orange County Mayor. So why did I post this?….because I mentioned to my husband Mina was going to run for Orange County Sheriff, and my husband said that, ” no, he is running for Orange County Mayor,” and I said, ” no, he isn’t, it is sheriff,” and my husband said, ” no, here it is in the newspaper, look at the headlines, that Mina is running for Orange County Mayor”…….so he handed me yesterday’s Orlando Sentinel, and on page A1 front cover, there in yesterday’s newspaper, Feb. 15th, 2018 headline, “OPD Chief Mina files paperwork to run for Orange County Mayor”…….so I believed it……..

  13. but I didn’t read on, as the rest of the article showed that he is running for sheriff of Orange County. The Orlando Sentinel got it wrong! Hell, Mina should go file for both elected jobs, I guess, and keep his bases covered, apparently anything goes in Flor-duh……..this election crap is getting ridiculous!

  14. That controversial and much talked about artwork of Obama sitting in a chair with all that vegetative background, and around his feet, of what I will refer to as ” poison ivy” makes me itch, whenever I view that painting……

  15. And the other painting of former first lady Michelle Obama….who is that woman? That is not Michelle Obama, for sure. It is just so blah and boring, and I know there are kids in school art classes who could of done a much better job of capturing the real Michelle Obama’s likeness, without the blah factor of that boring painting…….

  16. I am looking over the 2018 Apopka Voter’s Guide section in today’s Apopka Chief Newspaper. Nice job candidates, proud of each of you all, for answering the questions. Well, almost all of the questions….I see a few of the ladies didn’t answer the age question, two who ignored that question LOL and one who gave the year she was born, and let us do the math…LOL but that is a VERY HARD QUESTION to pose to a lady anyway….ha ha

  17. Why didn’t the one candidate from SEAT #2, answer the questions posed, so we, the voters, would know more about her? That would have been an opportunity to shine! The Apopka Chief indicates she didn’t submit answers.

  18. The real question I have is: Where are the campaign donation reports of lately? I have been looking for them for several weeks now, in the Apopka Chief, and the Apopka Voice, and I haven’t seen hide, nor hair of them. Inquiring minds want to know!

  19. I am up early this morning, I got a great night’s sleep, and the very first thing I saw when I turned on the tv was the news of Mayor Kilsheimer’s escapades! The Washington DC trip to the National Mayor’s Conference, during the Trump inaugural …..and how the taxpayers of Apopka paid big $$$$$$$$$$$$ for Mayor Kilsheimer’s fun times…..even us, the Apopka taxpayers, having to pay for a hotel room that was booked that no one stayed in, plus the other hotel room they did stay in…?????? I have heard of Clint Eastwood’s empty chair, but why an empty extra hotel room??????? So I don’t get the facts wrong, read it for yourself. Channel 9 News Orlando/ WFTV….was on early this morning on tv and the story is on the computer also. Globetrotting around at our expense, like he doesn’t get a great salary?????? !!!!!!!! ????????

  20. I see on Apopka Critic website that there is going to be a city commissioner candidate forum, or debate, with questions asked by moderators and citizens, sponsored by the local radio station in Apopka 1520 AM on March 6, from 7 to 9 pm at Journey Christian Church and that is free to attend with the public invited, and that will also be broadcast live by the radio station. Well good! Should be interesting……….

  21. Still waiting for the latest campaign donation report list that Reggie said is coming…..I am waiting for it, like the hungry wolf waiting for the chicken to cross the road…LOL WHEEEEEE……

  22. Man, that Eustis City Commissioner, Anthony Sabatini, sure knows how to stir the pot, and cause the rest of his fellow Eustis City Council members to freak out! Always some proposal, that he comes up with, that is controversial and in the news. The latest is, he is proposing that all City of Eustis employees should have to right to carry guns on the job, to protect themselves and others. I wonder if Anthony ever gave it any thought if the Eustis City employees might get mad at him about something…..???

  23. Gene Knight Jr, Seat #1 Candidate for Apopka City Commission….Gene, I think it was low- down that you were not invited as a guest to the Farmworker’s Forum held with the Apopka City Council Candidates, that they sponsored. I saw where you stated you were not invited on a website….shameful! I had wondered why I didn’t read about you there. I just didn’t know….but now I know why! Don’t worry about it Gene, NO ONE HARDLY KNEW ABOUT THE FARMWORKERS FORUM ANYWAY….I know I didn’t.

  24. I find it revolting that a person WHOSE JOB IT IS, should incorrectly advertise a Public Hearing. The person who did this receives a tax-payer funded salary to do this job. Whose failure is it? How much is the cost of the mistake and correction thereof? What consequences will this employee have? Valid questions, I believe.


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