New Years 2019

Orange County Parks & Recreation to host Black Bear Polar Plunge on New Year’s Day at Kelly Park

From the Orange County Newsroom  

WHAT: To ring in the New Year with an exhilarating blast, Orange County Parks & Recreation will host a Black Bear Polar Plunge on New Year’s Day in Kelly Park in Apopka. Are you brave enough to walk, run or swim into 68⁰ Rock Springs on New Year’s Day? Join us for the southern version of a polar bear plunge. Afterward, warm up at the fire with a coffee or hot chocolate. For more information, contact Kelly Park at 407-254-1902 or email 

WHO: Orange County Parks & Recreation 

WHEN: Tuesday, January 1st 

10 a.m. – Registration 

10:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. – Plunge 

WHERE: Rock Springs at Kelly Park 400 E. Kelly Park Rd. 

Apopka, FL 32712 

COST: Park admission fee applies 

$3 per vehicle for 1-2 people 

$5 per vehicle for 3-8 people 

$1 for additional person/walk-ins/motorcycles/bikes 


  1. Nooooo….I’m not that brave! It shouldn’t be awful though, as it is quite nice outside, if the weather doesn’t change drastically. Happy New Year Everybody! Drink like a sot if you want to, but remember, just don’t drink and drive. It is not worth it!

  2. I am seeing where that residents in Pines of Wekiva have an injured bear in their subdivision. I am thinking, that is no piece from my house, OMG! That is when they are dangerous, when injured, or have cubs. Residents have seen it’s paw, that doesn’t look right, and think someone shot the bear. If they did, that is sick! No way of knowing, says FWC, until they capture the bear, that has been hanging around that area frequently, according to the subdivision’s residents. I called the city today to get on the list to purchase a bear- resistant cart, and the city is suppose to call me back later about it. Our house address is in the bear management area on the maps. I have seen a bear in a backyard on Martin St. in an oak tree, and also a bear below the post office at Martin St. and Ustler near the water ditch, and one bear in a small tree in Dream Lake homes area. I hope I don’t encounter a bear around my yard, but I won’t call FWC, or the police, unless the bear is tearing something up, trying to break in our house, trying to kill my cats, or attacking someone. The bear could be on the move tonight with all the fireworks happening. I don’t think it is advisable to walk your pets around here after dark, with the bear still around, most likely, plus the reports of coyotes in this area too.

  3. Those two people harassing the gator over at Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive….kicking the gator, which was good size. Guess he ain’t real bright, as gators are super fast, and can whip that tail around and break his legs, and eat him. Where’s his sign? I just bet they had been drinking alcohol over there, while hiking around the Lake Apopka Wildlife Loop and became “gator proof”.

  4. They just had a bad auto accident at Summit and Park Ave. in front of Maters and Taters. Park Av. is blocked heading toward downtown and the police are routing them to go west on Summit. Orange County deputies, APD, fire, and ambulance on the scene. It just happened a few minutes ago, as we came along. We couldn’t see too much with all the blue flashing lights, but we did see a smaller to medium sized black car crushed in the driver’s side, possibly a Sonata, or Malibu, guessing. I pray no one got killed, or seriously injured.

  5. This entire Apopka neighborhood was like a war zone heading up to midnight New Years Eve with all the fireworks being set off. Some sounded like a bomb had been dropped. I pity the poor PTSD veterans, and the poor animals. If I had my way, I would outlaw and ban the tent sales of the fireworks, and also all together of any source of their sale to the public. The only fireworks I would allow to be set off would be by professional experts, who do it routinely at public events, and even that is not fool-proof, so we have learned, with fire personnel on the scene. It got sooooo bad here, and my dog was hyperventilating that I said I can’t take it anymore, and we are going somewhere in the truck, don’t know where, until things settle down, maybe Denny’s parking lot and sit, or maybe Steak and Shake parking lot and wait it out. I figured it would be more quiet there……….

  6. As we drove and turned next to the Methodist Church on Park Av. and headed east on Monroe, (I think that is the street) there was someone actually setting the big fireworks off out in the middle of the road, as we were approaching to drive by. I did some cussing, and looked to the right, as we drove by, and OMG, what an arsenal of spent fireworks piled up by the sidewalk, enough to fill a pickup truck bed across the frontage of the home! I said, “no use to go to Denny’s parking lot to sit”…..The firework fanatics don’t give a hoot if they set them off over the roof of your house, in front of you driving down the road, or even if your kids are sitting out in the streets watching. Then the slobs leave the spent firework debris all over the sidewalks, yards, and streets for someone else to have to clean them up and put in the garbage cans later. They don’t clean them up, but apparently leaving the debris to see, is their badge of honor. Yes, I think China is winning the trade war, judging by the amount of fireworks blasted away on New Years Eve night. We ended up going to Race Trak on 441 and waiting it out as it was way more peaceful there for my dog. We just knew there was going to be cops everywhere around town looking for drunk drivers, but we didn’t even see one cop anywhere, city or county…..NOT AROUND, and we drove around some more too, late after midnight.

  7. Tomorrow starts up the showdown between Trump and Congress. Trump hates the federal workers, hates everyone at the WH, hates the Democrats, hates the media, hates the journalists, hates the military generals too, hates the immigrants, and hates women too, so it seems. I would not want to be a federal worker with Trump at the helm! He doesn’t care if they ever get paid or not. It would be horrible to have to work like that unpaid, not knowing how long the shutdown will last, or where your next house payment, car payment, or meal is going to be paid for, and now Trump has signed an executive order freezing the measly little pay raise the federal workers were due to receive starting Jan. 1, 2019, that was already approved and worked out, and outright lied to our US soldiers about them going to get a 10 percent pay raise. What a guy! Ever had a boss lie to you?…..LOL…. Bring on the impeachment proceedings! ASAP


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