From the Florida Highway Patrol

 The Florida Highway Patrol has released the name of the Apopka man that was killed yesterday when his van caught fire following a one-car crash Monday afternoon.

At about 5:30 pm, John Wulffen, 39 of Apopka, was driving eastbound on Plymouth Sorrento Road near the intersection of West Kelly Park Road. For an unknown reason, the van left the roadway and the front end struck a power pole. The van overturned onto its side and caught fire. According to the FHP, Wulffen died at the scene. The cause of the crash and the reason the vehicle caught fire is unknown and remains under investigation.


  1. Yes, Plymouth Sorrento Road is a very dangerous road, with a bad reputation of taking peoples’ lives. Back in the early 1970’s, when there was hardly any traffic on that rural road, my daddy took me in our family car, and was going to teach me to drive, with myself under the steering wheel. He yelled at me a few times, when I scared him, and he didn’t take me out on that road ever again, or any other road either. I took driver’s ed, with the other school student kids in the car too, with Coach Gaylon Ward, right next to Edward’s Field, and also because my family lived on Magnolia St., I drove our family car alone, up and down the alley way behind where Mayor Nelson’s Insurance business is now, and taught myself to drive, without the yelling of my daddy, or Coach Ward.


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