Chances are, Apopka residents have driven by one of those bright blue “For Sale” signs in their own neighborhood or in other communities throughout Apopka, but these particular signs may look a little different than the traditional signs… offering an all-day open house option.

Using an app that features smart key technology, potential home buyers can literally stop into an available home between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. and experience their own self-guided tour, all because an app unlocked the door to what could potentially be their next home. Selling a home through the platform is just as easy, with sellers sharing details about their home on the Opendoor website, then receiving a cash offer from the company in 24hours.

It’s not all that surprising that home buyers and sellers have moved in this direction, given the reliance on technology for just about every aspect of living. Turning over the control to the buyer and seller, and removing a lot of the headaches involved with the traditional real estate process, seems to be the preference for many people who are either looking to sell or purchase a new home. And interestingly, both the 32712 and 32703 zip codes in Apopka represent leading areas of market activity based on recent reports from Opendoor.

What are the forces behind why Apopkans seem to be trend-setting in the Central Florida iBuying space? Candice Bradley, General Manager of Opendoor in Orlando, suggested three primary factors contribute to the popularity of the platform in Apopka:

  • The homes are right in the sweet spot of what Opendoor buyers are looking for. With a median price-point of $267,000homes in Apopka are not only affordable, but they are generally located in strong school districts and communities tend to be very family-oriented. These are all elements that are attractive to buyers in the region.
  • Recent Neighborhood Scoutdata shows that the largest portion of Apopka residents (approximately 42%) fall between the ages of 25 and 54, and this demographic tends to rely heavily on technology in order to shorten the length of time they are required to spend on everyday tasks as well as to broaden the scope of information they can obtain. With new home listings popping up on the Opendoor app daily, potential buyers have access to a great deal of information about any home they are viewing, and they are able to stop in to see the house on their own at a time that is convenient for them.
  • Apopkans are a tight-knit community; they always have been and likely always will be known for how close they are. “People tend to talk about their experiences,” noted Bradley, “And if they’ve had a good experience either selling or buying a home through Opendoor, they’ll pass along that nugget of wisdom to their friends, families, and neighbors. The word-of-mouth marketing for the iBuying option is strong in Apopka.”

Opendoor homes in the Apopka area have already been visited by thousands of potential buyers in the first few months of 2019. To take a look at the properties currently listed for sale in Apopka, or other Central Florida cities, visit


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