Plans have been submitted to the City of Apopka for a new, 43-unit luxury apartment complex.  The proposed project carries the name Meadow View Apartments and would be built just west of the intersection of Vick and Welch roads and would overlook what was the 7th fairway of the Grove portion of the Errol Golf Course.

The 9-hole Grove course was closed several years ago.  Six of the holes lie to the west of Vick Road and three of the holes are on the east side of Vick.

AHO Holdings has proposed to build an entrance to the 4.3 acre parcel on Vick Road approximately 500 feet south of the intersection of Vick and Welch. The entrance would not be gated. Fire suppression sprinklers would be installed in the 43 apartments.

The concept plan shows five separate two-story buildings and a clubhouse with a pool.

The City’s Development Review Committee discussed the apartment project with the developer and his engineer on Wednesday. The committee asked several questions and commented that certain aspects might need further attention including the removal of the entrance island, the spacing of the buildings, and the stability of the slope above the parking lot and along Vick Road, especially near the proposed cul de sac.

In 2008 a condominium project called Villa Tuscany was approved to be built on the same parcel.  The project was subsequently abandoned.

Here is an aerial photo showing the parcel outlined in yellow:

Editor’s Note:  The original article indicated incorrectly that the project was east of Vick Road and that six of the Grove course holes were west of Vick Road.  The corrections have been made.  Thanks to our readers for bring these errors to our attention.



  1. Lots of building going on now all around this area. Going to be loads of people living here and more crazy traffic with more wrecks.

  2. I hate the idea of rental apartments. Check out Rosemont and see what happened there. This is a golf and country club development in Lockhart area, just south of Clarcona-Ocoee Road off Orange Blossom Trail (US 441.) It deteriorated mightily and became crime-ridden. Having Orange North Villas and Errol Place (Cardinal Homes off Old Dixie Highway) is bad enough already!

  3. Dale- did you say luxury apartments? How many units? Apopka Elementary is already full and we are having to reopen the 9th grade center as projections include 300 new students.

  4. Yes, it is going to get more crowded out on the roads of Apopka with all of the building! I saw where someone in that city in Europe, specifically the city of Aporka, which sounds like Apopka almost, in the country of Hungary, was viewing the COA’s website. I thought, huh, let me see what it is like there, and I saw some real estate listings and started looking. I thought maybe a good place to move to, considering the traffic chaos here, and who is president now…..haha……well, I found an old farmhouse that looked okay, was cheap enough, had everything one could want, lots of acreage, an orchard, a vineyard, a wine cellar, a basement, roomy, all kinds of things, and I am like wow, I’m ready!……then I noticed it only lacked one thing…….an indoor bathroom!!!! LOL?????

  5. Christine, the new sign at the Apopka High School at Vick and Martin is going to be nice…..is that going to also have a digital message of ” Welcome to Apopka” on it plus school news too?


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