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November is National Diabetes Month. And according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 30 million people in the U.S. are affected by this disease. This is 9.4 percent of the entire U.S. population.

As our understanding of diabetes grows, so have advancements in our abilities to monitor and treat it. One such example is the GlycoMark test recently adopted by Florida Hospital’s Lab Care.

Now available at 15 Lab Care locations, GlycoMark is a simple test that offers patients with diabetes and their physicians a more accurate indication of blood glucose control over a one-to-two-week period.

This differs from traditional A1C testing in that it measures a different glucose-like sugar in the blood to identify recent spikes in blood glucose within the previous two weeks. A1C on the other hand measures average blood glucose over a two to three-month period, and finger sticks only provide a snapshot of blood glucose at the time of testing.

How GlycoMark is improving patients’ lives

Managing diabetes all comes down to regulating healthy and consistent blood glucose levels. So, reducing large spikes in blood sugar (hyperglycemia) and drops in blood sugar (hypoglycemia) are important.

Hyperglycemia, in particular, is a concern because it increases the risk of diabetes-related complications, such as kidney disease, retinopathy, and cardiovascular events and recent spikes can’t be seen in a long-term average as shown by only an A1C test. Persistent high blood glucose over time can also impair brain function, interfere with mood and decrease energy levels.

So, if you doctor can peer into your blood sugar and get more information about when these spikes are happening and at what levels, he or she is able to modify your treatment to better manage your diabetes while reducing risks of long-term effects.

Because the GlycoMark test is the only specific indicator of recent hyperglycemic spikes, it can be a valuable tool in your prescribed treatment and glucose monitoring plan.

Completed through a simple non-fasting blood test at Florida Hospital Lab Care locations, this simple test can truly make a great impact in our efforts to help patients improve their diabetes outcomes and quality of life.

Florida Hospital is home to the Diabetes Institute, a leading, comprehensive center for people living with diabetes. From “Dining with Diabetes” cooking classes, to an immersive diabetes self-management education program and a multidisciplinary treatment team of diabetes experts, clinicians and support staff, the Florida Hospital network of care is committed to being at the forefront diabetes monitoring and treatment.

If you are concerned about your diabetes management, talk to your Florida Hospital physician about GlycoMark. To find a physician or schedule an appointment, call (855) 303–DOCS.


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