Election 2018

Episode 50

From Let’s Talk about it with Rod Love and Greg Jackson

This Monday will be a special TWO-HOUR edition of LET’S TALK ABOUT IT with Rod Love and Greg Jackson. We heard the listeners’ voice and so with Florida elections just a few weeks away, Dr. Aubrey Jewett, a nationally recognized political science expert, will be in the studio to discuss each of the 12 proposed Florida Constitutional revisions. In addition, other subject matter experts will join the discussion to outline the impact of the Amendments. And of course, Let’s Talk Nation is welcome to call-in and ask questions.
These and other election-related topics will be discussed by the “Dynamic Duo” on Central Florida’s top-rated Monday Night radio talk show — LET’S TALK ABOUT IT!
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Let’s Talk About It, with Rod Love and co-host Greg Jackson, is an edgy new radio program that has a distinct “Apopka” tone.

Rod Love

Hosts Rod Love and Greg Jackson are well-known figures in Apopka. Love is a local businessman, was the co-chair of the Apopka Task Force against Violence, and was recently named the Orange County District 2 Commissioner. Jackson is a local attorney that ran for the Florida Legislature in 2016 for District 45, which includes a part of Apopka.

The show airs on WOKB 1680AM on Mondays from 7-8 PM. You may also stream it online here.

Let’s Talk About It describes itself as a show in search of results-oriented solutions. It tackles important subjects such as crime in urban communities, jobs, business growth, relationship with the police, transitioning from a mom and pop proprietorship to mom and pop incorporation and a whole lot of other action initiatives that affect the quality of life of individuals and families are the major focus. Its goal is to develop an understanding of the everyday needs and issues of people and assist in empowering them with the necessary information or motivation towards addressing such needs, all with the support of professionals or experts who will be the show’s guests.

Greg Jackson

  Let’s Talk About It has an interactive style of information sharing that is both entertaining and educational.  It acts as a vehicle for civic and faith-based organizations, small businesses and everyday citizens to be able to work together to foster a progressive development of communities’ interactivity with one another.

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  1. This is why I won’t be voting for the likes of Trump (during the Presidential election), Rick Scott, and DeSantis, plus the likes of the other GOPs who share their same mindset….Why would anybody vote for someone as their elected representative, who votes on their healthcare issues, and votes to diminish their healthcare plans? Example: I was looking up what is on the lists and is considered “pre-existing conditions”….as I have diabetes, and also high blood pressure, among some other conditions. I couldn’t believe the list! Under Trump’s healthcare plan, rape, yes rape! is considered a “pre-existing” condition! Also pregnancy! And being a domestic abuse victim! People, this is not right! I hope women, especially, will take heed, and not vote for these scoundrels! Also, who knew, acne is on the list too, as well as many things, I wouldn’t consider would be worthy of denying someone health coverage. We need different leaders who aren’t number one, anti-women! And number two, leaders more compassionate for the people, and number three, leaders who represent the people, not the corporations, like the huge insurance companies! I am sick, yes sick, of these GOPS! I wonder if being sick of the GOPS, is a “pre-existing” condition??????

  2. The interview of Melania Trump sure was interesting. Melania, when asked about her husband’s alleged affair or fling, or whatever you want to call it, responded by saying that her husband’s infidelity is not a concern of hers or her focus…..REALLY? Yeah, I bet. We have heard the phrase, “LOCK HER UP”, so many times referring to Hillary, so I say regarding Melania, “HOOK HER UP” to the lie detector!…lol, I don’t believe Melania, at all. What woman doesn’t care if her husband is messing around with other women??? She must be going solo to Africa to get away from him, and she won’t even hold his hand at times when he reaches to hold her hand……I think she looks stupid in that man outfit, the white pants, cream blazer, white shirt, skinny black tie, and what is that hat called? Light cream fedora, maybe? With the black band……looks really stupid!

  3. The Keanu West interview with Trump was interesting also. Trump finally kept his mouth shut and was decent acting. Why can’t he act that way all the time? People would respect him better if he didn’t act like a total idiot with his mouth, like he does most of the time. I think Keanu West was there to enjoy the limelight, hoping to get a position in the White House Trump administration possibly, or to help in getting someone a parole. However, I believe that he was very sincere when he stated to Trump that he didn’t have a father figure growing up, and now that he is married into the Kim K family, he isn’t around hardly any male figures. I believe him totally on that. It really is sad to hear him say that. Also, his mother died, not too long ago, from cosmetic surgery, is what I read, so he is doubly hurting. Yes, again, I believe him on the lack of having a father’s presence, or a male role model in his life. He could have done without the bad language at the WH, and calling the president, “bro” though…..

  4. All I can say is if Andrew Gillum is “running from the FBI” as his opponents claim on their political tv ads against him (De Santis campaign bunch)….then Andrew Gillum sure is easy to locate, and find. The FBI must not be looking for him too hard…lol!


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