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By Charles Towne

 Dick hated birds.  Not only did he hate birds but he was terrified of them to the point of obsession. 

 Dick, my father and I were fishing for bass one day and we were having a wonderful time doing what fishermen do best, telling lies.  Dad had just landed a nice bass in the eight-pound range when it happened.  Dick made a cast and instead of hooking a bass, he hooked a low flying starling. 

As I have already pointed out, Dick hated birds.  The starling wasn’t any too happy with the situation either.  The battle was on and the odds were heavy in favor of the bird.  Dick’s language was suddenly full of gleeps and other colorful expletives as he threw his new fishing rod as far as he could out into the river, simultaneously diving into the bottom of the boat.  I was finally able to calm Dick down, the bird extricated itself from the hook and flew away with a few ruffled feathers, but, sad to say, we never saw Dick’s new rod and reel again.

  Now the average fisherman, if there is such an animal, and he were to hook a bird, which is about as likely as winning the lottery, would reel the bird in and release it, but not dick.  Sometimes we hook things in life that are not to our liking.

I had an accountant that ran off with a bunch of money.  He was, or so I thought, my friend.  That was a bird that I finally was able to release with God’s help.   Another time I had a fellow steal some ideas from me and go into business for himself.  Again, with much prayer, I was able to let the bird go.  

 In each of these cases I was angry, obsessed with the idea of getting revenge, but with God’s help, and His guidance I got over it.  It wasn’t easy, but I did it.  Sometimes we hook into situations that are beyond our control.  When it happens, don’t throw your rod and reel away, reel the sucker in and remove the hook, or, if necessary, cut the line and start again.

  It is important that we realize that our Father is anxious to help.  He is there, right there, waiting for you to call on him, and unlike Dick, our God is not afraid of birds.

Live fully,
Love openly,
Make a difference, today


Charles Towne

Charles Towne is an author, resident of Apopka and a member of Inspire Church. His latest book “Who Cares?” will be published soon.



  1. Hey There Dear Brother,
    It’s me Bosh ! Remember me!.
    Congrats on the publishing of your book.
    Do you Remember when we were pirates On the island . You had the Best name of
    Hunckery Joe! Remember Remember the conductor tossing the NECCO WAFERS to us for the great Job we did on our pirate sword fighting display?


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