Typically, you may think of Easter egg decorating as a kids only craft. But we scoured everyone’s favorite arts & crafts site (Pinterest) and found some easy Easter Egg decoration ideas for everyone in the family (including the adults!) Any of these would make for a great weekend craft with the family!

1. Doodles

Forget the dye and keep things simple by using a Sharpie to decorate eggs. See instructions here.

easter egg

2. Watercolor Eggs

These are super pretty and only require dye or food coloring, plastic spoons and vinegar.  Over a baking dish, you drip the dye onto your egg using a spoon and create a wonderful swirling pattern. Get all the instructions here.easter eggs 2

3.Paper Napkin/Tissue Paper Egg

This is so simple. You use a printed paper napkin or tissue paper and glue it to your egg using mod podge. You can cut them into any shape you want. Get more instructions here.easter egg 3

4. Natural Embellishments Egg

You probably have everything you need to make these eggs in your home or in your yard! Take your family on a nature hike and pick your favorite flowers and simply grab some string or twine and tie around your egg. Simple and oh-so-chic!easter egg 4

5. Tattoo Easter Eggs
These are so much fun and not messy! Drop by The Dollar Store and pick up some temporary tattoos (they stick to a hard boiled egg just like skin). Cut and carefully adhere them to the egg.Easter Egg 5


  1. My Mama was notorious when it came to hiding the Easter eggs out in our yard. She would put them in the darn hardest places to locate. I wouldn’t find a lot of the dyed eggs until about a month or so later, and they would be inside tree hollows, and hard places like that, as she would forget herself where she hid them. What was she thinking? It was okay though, because I have never really liked eggs, to eat, anyway. I see parents just laying them on top the grass, and they call that hiding them? I received live little colored chicks for Easter, and real Easter bunnies too, always white ones with pink eyes, before parents were instructed not to give such live animals as gifts for Easter. We lived out in the country, where we could have them. Also got some ducks that followed me around everywhere, even when they got fully grown. I’d have my little bathing suit on, sitting in my little kiddy pool, and my big ol’ white ducks would be right in there with me in the water, I would be clinging on to them, and all would be right, and wonderful in the world!


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