Decision Apopka 2018

News from the precincts

As of 5:20 PM, 2,927 votes have been cast at the VFW/Apopka Community Center and the Northwest Recreation Facility. Those voters, along with 62 early ballots, and 2,556 mail-in-ballots received by the Orange County Supervisor of Elections (OCSE) office brings the total voters to 5,545.

Of the votes cast, 2,870 are from Precinct 9104 (VFW/Apopka Community Center), which is 15.32% of its registered voters (18,732). 2,675 votes have been received from Precinct 9204 (Northwest Recreation Facility) which represents 21.37% of its registered voters (12,250). Overall, 17.74% of Apopka’s 31,252 voters have cast a ballot in the election with just over three hours left until the polls close.

The largest turnout in an Apopka mayoral election was the 2014 runoff between Mayor Joe Kilsheimer and Mayor John Land which had 6,165 voters participate in the election.

Voting is steady at both polls, and no issues have been reported at either precinct, however, lines at the VFW/Apopka Community Center were around the building at 5 PM. The polls close at 7 PM.

Here is what the VFW/Apopka Community Center looked like at 5 PM:







  1. The excitement in the air is crazy! I am thinking that wow, we have to do this all over again in two more years….lol!!! #APOPKA PROUD!

  2. Both mayor candidates have brought in the big guns, or the military, I should say, as I saw two big military style monster- sized trucks, one with a Kilsheimer sign on the side going down the road, and another with a Nelson sign on the side, parked in front of his insurance business. This is fun!


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