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Are You Using Your Natural Gas Appliances Safely?

Natural gas is widely known as one of the safest and most reliable forms of energy available. Whether you’re heating water, drying clothes, cooking on a range or heating and cooling your home, natural gas appliances are a dependable, economical and efficient way to meet your day-to-day energy needs.

However, as with any home appliance, it’s important to observe basic safety rules and tips to help keep you and your family safe.

  1. Always keep paper, curtains, clothing, paints, cleaning fluids and other flammable products away from gas appliances.
  2. Make sure all of your gas appliances are in working order, with proper ventilation, no leaks and a sufficient supply of fresh air to operate safely. In the event of a gas leak, you will notice a strong odor, similar to that of rotten eggs. If you notice this smell, do not use the appliance and contact Lake Apopka Natural Gas District to inspect it.
  3. Never use a gas oven or stove for space heating. Using these appliances for anything other than cooking can cause carbon monoxide to accumulate in your home.
  4. If a burner flame goes out, simply shut off the range knob, wait for the gas to disperse and then relight the burner.
  5. Be sure to remove lint from your clothes dryer’s vent and exhaust duct. Dryers can become clogged with lint, which causes the equipment to overheat and increases the chance that the lint will catch fire.
  6. Never use a natural gas grill inside your home, garage or enclosed porch. It’s best to keep the grill at least 10 feet away from the house, wood railings and other flammable objects.
  7. Always look for the blue flame. When gas appliances have a steady blue flame, they are operating correctly. Small amounts of yellow are OK, but a full yellow flame may mean your appliance isn’t operating efficiently.
  8. Keep all appliances clean and maintained to prevent fire hazards. In case of a fire, be sure to keep an extinguisher in a convenient location close by.
  9. Never attempt to install or move gas appliances by yourself. Instead, contact a trained professional to ensure vent pipes are undamaged and connections are secure.
  10. Have your natural gas furnaces, fireplaces and space heaters inspected every year by a trained professional with Lake Apopka Natural Gas District. Other appliances, such as water heaters, clothes dryers and range tops, should be inspected every two years.

If you’re considering switching to natural gas, contact the team at Lake Apopka Natural Gas District. To learn more, visit, call the LANGD marketing team at (407) 656-2734, ext. 307 or email



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