The Apopka Voice Reader Poll 2.0

Decision Apopka 2018

Happy New Year Apopka. Are you ready for the campaign season?

On Tuesday, March 13th Apopka will elect a mayor and two city commissioners. That’s only  61 days away. That puts us in the home stretch.

The names Kilsheimer, Nelson, Velazquez, Bell, Koutsoulieris, Nolan, Kidd, Knight, Mott, and Smith will be abundantly more visible as the 10 candidates for Apopka Mayor, and City Commission Seats #1 and #2 begin to roll out their messages on how they would lead the community.

Very soon, you can expect to see online advertising, social media posts, display advertising, bumper stickers, yard signs, and knocks on their doors from these candidates hoping to occupy seats on the City Council.

 The Apopka Voice has promised to keep its readers, and the voters of Apopka informed on this historic election, and this is the next step.

Where do these races stand?

On Friday at noon, The Apopka Voice will publish its Reader’s Poll, which will close on Monday, January 15th at noon. This is the second Apopka Voice Reader Poll of the campaign season. The first was published in early December, but a lot has changed since then.

Will the results change?

This is not a scientific poll. The margin of error is unknown, but it should reflect a snapshot of where our readers stand, with approximately two months to go before Election Day. So on Friday, vote for the candidates you think will best lead this community into its promising future.


  1. Why has the audio of the last City of Apopka Council Meeting of Jan. 3, 2018 not been posted??? Did the city’s audio equipment fail, or did the IT guy go on strike? I want to hear it, so I will know what went on….duh!

  2. I am starting to see some campaign signs. I am looking for campaign signs posted illegally on government property…I am watching with wide open eyes, and you know what that means….LOL

  3. Is there a debate or not? When and where is it? I’ll believe it, when I see it, and anyway I am not paying to waste good money on seeing anyone debate, no matter who they are, that I see all the time anyway, around this town. Truthfully however, I never see Mayor Kilsheimer around this town, at any of the stores, grocery stores, drug stores, gas stations, hardware supply places, banks, etc. anywhere, except at city events. Why is that? Is he hiding out? Seriously? I’m used to seeing everyone around town, that is on the city council, or that is running for the election.

  4. A little public service message here for you all. What to do in the event of a nuke…..1. Don’t look at the flash….2. Lie down on the ground, and cover your head…..3. Stop using hair conditioner right now, as hair conditioners will cause radioactive materials in the atmosphere to bind with your hair causing you to absorb more radiation. I am not kidding, this from the CDC. Now don’t you just feel so much better knowing this information? LOL

  5. Christine, OMG, I am so glad you are okay. Did you read the local Orlando Sentinel today Christine? I am so glad you are okay, Christine, honestly.

  6. I certainly hope that in the quest to keep the “John Land Champion Sycamore Tree” at the City Hall grounds healthy, that they are not ” killing it with kindness” by the digging between the roots to make shallow trenches for fertilizer. I don’t understand that at all. Looks like to me, fertilizer could have been applied on top the ground, around the big tree, instead of digging between the roots.

  7. Anybody taking bets for which is completed first?…..the splash pad, the boy scout bridge at Dream Lake Park, the Alonzo Williams Park improvements, the city center hotel, the new scoreboards put up, the “new Errol development”, the next proposed dollar store for south Apopka, the first micro-brewery in town, the first marijuana dispensary in town, or the permanent fire station near the new hospital? Calling all gamblers, place your bets….LOL

  8. There are those who want to move the capital of Florida to Orlando, and have the legislative sessions held in Orlando, in a more centralized location. I say let’s move it to Apopka! Then we can have all the crazy loonies here together….LOL

  9. Did you hear who is running for the Arizona Senate? The convicted, and Trump pardoned bad azz sheriff, that is who. Not to mention, he is 85 years old. Ridiculous, and sickening to me.

  10. We drove by the new hospital and on the way back, drove in around the parking lot to see where the emergency entrance is, and looked around. It really looks so much nicer, when you enter in there, and look around, than heading down the 429 and viewing it. They had pretty peach rose bushes planted all around, native beauty berry bushes, and hummingbird shrubs in the landscape. Very nice. I also saw the temp fire station back behind the hospital there. My husband has a upcoming appointment to go to his doctor out there, so maybe I will get to see the inside of the new hospital for the first time. We drove by the old hospital yesterday, and the entire parking lot was full of cars, just like it used to be. What is going on there, at the old hospital now, to have that many cars out there in the parking lot???

  11. I read all about the famous tornado of 1918 in Apopka. Let’s hope that history, doesn’t repeat itself! My husband and I went to south Florida some years ago, don’t remember when exactly, but when we got back to Apopka, we were shocked to learn that a tornado had come through town here and done some damage there at Forrest Ave. where the apartments are. It was sunny and beautiful in south Florida, while we were there, and we didn’t have a clue that it was bad here in Apopka, while we were gone.

  12. How many people officially running for governor of Florida now? I think everybody is. Maybe I should have said, who is NOT running for governor of Florida?

  13. Another thing….I see the photos of a guy wanted that robbed a store in Apopka in the night, with a skull hoodie on, and another photo, of another guy wanted for stealing from the Bealls store in Apopka, and both of these crimes were not lately. In fact the Bealls theft was from Nov., I think it was. Why do the police wait so long, before posting these images, wanting info? Why wait weeks or months, before posting them?

  14. I would PAY TO SEE the Chippendale Dancers, or the Thunder Down Under, at the Highland Manor, but to pay to see Bryan or Joe….NO! NO! NO! LOL

  15. They just showed the most horrible news story on tv. A hospital in Baltimore, MD discharged a woman from the hospital, and she apparently didn’t have anywhere to go, or any money, and they released her, and the hospital employees set the woman out on the street curb in only her hospital gown, and underwear out there, in the freezing weather, with what looked like tubing still hanging off of her body, where it looked like they just cut the plastic hoses loose. I mean you could see the ice and freezing looking ground, and they just left her out there in the elements to perish, and die a painful slow death! How cruel can they be? Luckily, someone rescued her. It’s a cruel world.

  16. More stores are closing. 63 Sam’s Club stores are closing nationwide. One in Tampa, one in Casselberry included. More Sears, Macys, and Kmarts too. Very sad. The internet is killing off the retail stores. Plus Walmart just announced they are hiking the pay and will now pay Walmart Neighborhood Grocery Store employees salaries of $11.00 per hour, not sure about regular Walmart and Sam’s Club employees. There is a new one coming up on 436, there next to the Burger King near Hunt Club, that will be a Walmart Neighborhood Grocery Store.

  17. Here is a little prayer to remember the ordeal of those before us who lived through the terror of the Apopka tornado exactly 100 hundred years ago at this month, day, year, and at exactly this time of night, at 9:00 pm. God bless their souls! Hope that history doesn’t repeat in this city!

  18. When I think of the tornado that hit in 1918 here in Apopka, I think of the fact that my own mother wasn’t even born then, at that time, as she was not even born until a year later, in 1919. If she had of lived on, she would be 100 years old next year, in 2019. God, I am getting old, how depressing….

  19. I believe the way it was, my mother was one year older than Mayor John Land, and I know they both were “notch babies”. I bet some of you, don’t know that term. LOL

  20. Ah, all those Valentine big stuffed animals and huggy bunnies, minions, Mickeys and Minnies, big hearts, monkeys, all those lovable huggable stuffed furry things up at Walgreens on Main St. I love them all! The store is full those things, cards, candies, all that stuff I just love ’em all!

  21. There is no charge for the Mayoral Debate, but there is limited seating so you need to reserve a General Admission ticket to be sure you can be there. Have not heard anything about City Council Seat Debates or symposiums – probably due to so many candidates, which is a good thing though. I agree that there may well be a run-off election for the Council Seats. The more votes that get cast though will be a better cross section of who the citizens want. Get out and VOTE on March 13th.


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