The Apopka Voice Reader Poll 3.0

Decision Apopka 2018

31 days and counting.

On Tuesday, March 13th Apopka will elect a mayor and two city commissioners. The names Kilsheimer, Nelson, Velazquez, Bell, Koutsoulieris, Nolan, Kidd, Knight, Mott, and Smith are becoming abundantly more visible as the 10 candidates for elected office in Apopka roll out their messages on how they would lead the community.

You’ve seen two polls from The Apopka Voice in December and January that didn’t show a lot of movement. Is this race already etched in stone? Is the cake baked? Is there any reason for another poll?

We believe so.

A lot has happened in the past month when we published the Apopka Reader’s Poll 2.0. There was a mayoral debate. There was a candidate forum. There were 30 days of campaigning and door knocking, which in a political campaign is an eternity.

For the first time, we heard the unvarnished words of Mayor Joe Kilsheimer and Orange County Commissioner Bryan Nelson. Who won that debate? Did either of them gain your vote in the last 30 days? Did any of the city commission candidates knock on your door and convince you to vote for them? Did the Farmworker’s Association Candidate Forum sway you?

Where do these races stand with a little over a month to go?

early voting registration

In this poll, we ask the same simple question “If the elections were held today, who would you vote for?” The poll opened at noon on Friday, February 9th, and closes on Monday, February 12th at noon. This is the third time we have asked this question, so let’s call this The Apopka Reader’s Poll 3.0.

This is not a scientific poll. The margin of error is unknown, but it should reflect a snapshot of where our readers stand, with 31 days to go before Election Day. So vote for the candidates you think will best lead Apopka into its promising future.



  1. I sincerely apologize to Mayor Kilsheimer, as I had posted here on the Apopka Voice, that he didn’t call for public comments at the last city council meeting, and even though I had listened to the start of the audio, to confirm it, I then cut it off, and now I listened on, to more of the audio, and realized that he did ask Linda, the city clerk, if there were any speaker cards, which there wasn’t, and then he did ask the audience, if anyone else would like to speak. This was after the minutes and consent agenda. I was wrong, and I do apologize to the mayor. Obviously, I was brain-dead after listening to that long drawn out CRA meeting, before the city council meeting. Now I have to “eat crow”……LOL

  2. These latest two medicines the vet prescribed to my little dog is really making him feel so much better. I still know his heart condition is serious, but he slept so good last night, is bouncing around fast on his feet, and has been rolling on his back and kicking up his feet and legs, and so perky! One is a vasodilator, Enalapril Maleate and the other is diuretic, called Furosemide. It is amazing what a difference they have made, as he just got these new medicines yesterday, and it is like he is back to his old self, my little wild man, spinning, and dancing on his fast feet!

  3. I am looking at the headlines of the article above, where Builder’s Blitz built and completed 5 houses in 5 days in South Apopka. That is amazing. That is fast…..whooaaa! I don’t know how they did myself……

  4. My husband recently had a relative come to town with his family from out of state. He used to live here, years and years ago, as a kid, then moved away later on, and married, and raised children. He couldn’t find his way around, here in Apopka once here, as nothing looked the same to him, as it used to look. We had to lead the way around town with our truck, and have him and his family follow us, to show him around, where he used to know, like the back of his hand. He just kept talking about all the traffic, and how bad it is here now, and so unlike where they live. He said that it is not like this where they live, and that they only have one cop in their town, and two stoplights. I laughed, and asked him was he kidding, and he said that no, he was serious, only one cop in their small town. His wife then added that their town’s only cop was lazy and didn’t want to get off his butt….lol I told them Apopka has 108 certified police officers ( I think that is the correct number) and OMG they were blown away, and couldn’t believe it!!!….LOL

  5. I don’t want to be catty, or even nit- picky with the city election coming up, but you know what? I just wish a certain politician could understand, that the phrase “quality of life” and the word “density” just don’t go together very well, in this city.

  6. Does anyone else think like I do, and think that one of the city hall employees looks a lot like the lady that is a host/interviewer on Crime Watch Daily? I watch that program whenever it happens to be on tv, and she interviews people about the crime cases, and what they know….she really looks so much like this one lady who works at city hall. Do you all know who I am referring to? Just curious, if anyone else sees things like I do….lol

  7. Okay now candidates, don’t let me down, bring on the mudslinging! These kind of elections only come around once every four years ( kind of like leap year birthdays) so give it all you got! LOL Yee haw!

  8. What about the lottery winner who won over 550 million plus, and wants the right to remain unknown, and to not have her name given out to the media, and made public, as she says it is dangerous for people to know her identity, and Florida is one of the states that requires the winner’s names to be given out. She has a lawyer to fight this rule, and I agree with her, that she should be able to remain anonymous, but here is the whacky part…..this woman is losing $ 50,000 dollars a day in interest, by not having her winnings in the bank! Unbelievable, that she would be drawing that much interest per day, and unbelievable, that she would delay collecting, and fighting with lawyers the state’s rules, which causes her to lose that much interest per day, in order to remain anonymous.

    • If one doesn’t like the rules, then don’t participate! The rules of the Florida Lottery REQUIRE winners to be made public.

  9. I have been reading the talk about whether dogs were allowed at the fireworks at NW Complex. I really did learn a lesson years ago, when I went to the 4th of July Celebration in Winter Garden on Lake Apopka. It was an all day event, with a craft show, food, music, and eventually the fireworks at dark. They allowed dogs, and I had brought my very friendly, good- natured part Shepard/ part Husky, black and crème colored big dog, Sheba, with us. She had the best time rolling in the grass, people making over her, and playing. Was loving it all, then, when the first rocket went up, her head went up too, in the sky, following the rocket with her eyes, and when that thing exploded right over her head, and made the huge boom, she hauled azz, and I could not hang onto her by her leash, no matter how hard I pulled back on her, and she broke away from me, and hauled azz under one of the trailers at Trailer City, and my husband ran after her, and had to get down on hands and knees and crawl way back under a person’s trailer home, and drag her out, from under there. After that, I didn’t take any chances of taking my dogs to firework shows after that. I thought I could control her with her leash, but she was as strong as a brahma bull on steroids!


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