From the Apopka Police Department

Tonight at approximately 7:53 PM the Apopka Police Department responded to 775 South Orange Blossom Trail (the Apopka Land Shopping Center), for a shots fired call. Upon arrival it was discovered a black male suspect robbed a black male victim of jewelry. During the struggle shots were fired striking the vistim in the leg. The victim was taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The APD established a perimeter and APD K-9 conducted a track with negative results. Businesses in the plaza are cooperating with the investigation APD detectives are on the scene following up on leads.

The suspect remains at large and anyone with any information about this crime or the suspect is urged to contact Crimeline at 407-423-TIPS.


  1. We were coming through town on 441 when all of the first responders were flying to the scene. We saw fire trucks, ambulances, and then several police cars. I thought it was a wreck upon 436. My husband said maybe it was a robbery. We saw 7 vehicles speeding along 441 heading east to get to this robbery and shooting, although we didn’t know what was happening at the time.

  2. I saw that there was a robbery and shooting in front of the Big Lots in Apopka. It frightened me because I had been in Big Lots about that time, the night before. I bought what I wanted, and came out of the store, and my husband was sitting in our truck with my little dog waiting on me. I headed over to our truck, handed him my bag, and told him I wanted to walk on down to the Dollar Tree, before we left. He told me that it was too dark around there, and that I didn’t need to walk down there in the pitch black darkness, and that he would take me down there and drop me off at the door, and would look out for me, to come out of the Dollar Tree and pick me up there, at the door. It was very dark in that parking lot. My husband looks after me. I didn’t feel like there was any danger in walking on down to the dollar store. I was wrong apparently…..

  3. I think now I will be more leery of walking in any parking lot after dark. I know things bad can happen anytime, but still, you can see better in the daytime.

  4. I am looking at the flooding at the casinos in Biloxi from Hurricane Nate on tv…..Golden Nugget, Beau Riv. and Harrahs, are the ones I have viewed. Hard to believe, the water standing that deep there. I wouldn’t mind going to Biloxi, just don’t want to have to wear flippers on my feet when I go….LOL

  5. Irma hit on Sept. 10, and Sept. 11th, that was early Sunday morning on into Monday. The following Thursday is our regular tree limbs/yard waste day. Thursday after the storm, was the 14th. There was no picking up here then. Ok, then the next Thursday came and went, and no pickups here on this street either. Then the 28th, and no pickup, and now the 5th of Oct. has come and gone, and still no vegetative debris removal on our street as far as limbs. So since then, Friday came and went, Saturday came and went, and now Sunday……Now on Saturday, we did have a truck picking up other stuff, some furniture that was out, and an old toilet, and a few other miscellaneous stuff, but no limbs. Sometime Saturday another neighbor got their leaves that were bagged picked up…..we have taken our debris to the Golden Gem site several trips over and over, our neighbor kept asking us when the trucks were coming, and they decided to haul their debris off too, to a site. The other neighbors are still waiting, and are wondering why the trucks stopped by and only picked up certain
    things here and there from the piles. Ours and our next door neighbor’s stuff is gone, except for some big chunks of wood that would break our backs to try to move and lift them, which we didn’t attempt. I saw the mountain of tree debris out on Appy Way near NW and the big claw machine was going at it. I know they are trying, and that there is so much debris everywhere, but people are wondering what is going on?

  6. We went through the drive thru at McDonalds the other night and there were actually some guys somewhere there in the shopping center, using a chainsaw cutting wood and limbs after dark. LOL That could get dangerous in the dark……

  7. With that humongous mountain of tree debris at Appy Way at NW, that tells me some of these streets and subdivisions are getting picked up…..I wonder which ones? Bet I can guess…. Also debris dropped off at Sandpiper and Park, and the one on Cleveland. Maybe FEMA will get the discarded live Christmas trees, after Christmas, in with the same piles of hurricane debris to mulch up? Maybe we should sink some of the existing hurricane tree debris in Lake Apopka to make some fish attractors? I don’t think the fish there will care if it is the discarded Christmas trees to be sunk, or regular trees, you think? I don’t think they are picky fish at all.

  8. With all of the bending, stooping, hauling off, digging, lifting, and dragging, I am so tired it is not funny. I am feeling aches, pains, and soreness like never before in my lower back and arms, and I am stove-up, and stiff as a board, and can’t hardly get out of the bed in the mornings. Pitiful really, thanks to you, Ms. Irma.

  9. This one parking lot has now seen a car jacking, a purse snatching & now a shooting / robbery. Crazy but I have to go to Sally Beauty there AND Dollar Tree! Sad days but you can’t let that stop you, just be careful and be aware at all times.

  10. Magee, I will be more careful in the parking lots now, day or night, since learning of this robbery and shooting. A long time ago I knew this older lady that used to live near me, in the past. One day, I was stopped at the traffic light at Park Av. and Main St. waiting to turn toward Orlando direction. I was sitting there waiting on the light, for the turn signal, and I heard what sounded to me like a cat screaming, and I started looking around, and couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. I lowered my window, and then I realized the sound was coming from Walgreen’s parking lot, and I looked to see, and it was the older lady that I knew who I used to live near, and there were two older boys trying to snatch her purse, and she was screaming, and fighting back at them. A female employee at the entrance was hollering for the male employees to go after them. It was in the morning in broad daylight. Then the light turned, and I had to move on. I don’t know how the situation turned out.


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