The Pizza Wars


A surprise winner tops the list

From New York thin crust to Chicago deep dish, pizza is one of America’s favorite foods with 3 billion pizzas sold every year in the U.S. This delicious, fast and often inexpensive food as become a go-to meal for most people when they’re in a rush, serving food for a lot of people or simply trying to get the entire family together for dinner. With all its varieties, pizza has limitless possibilities and there’s probably a pizza out there for anyone.

The writers and editors at Uproxx wanted to rank the best pizza chains (a hard task, no doubt).

“While we all love pizza, what we love about it isn’t standard everywhere. Which may explain how our preferences are wildly different and how the insistence on the ‘best’ chain pizza varies from person to person. It often depends on where you grew up, writes

With that said, they went to work on deciding what pizza chain serves the best slice. To note: they only considered brands with 20 or more locations in seven or more states.

Popular pizza names like Pizza Hut, Papa John’s and Dominos made the list, the #1 pizza chain (in their opinion) is Jet’s Four Corner Pizza.

“After picking it up, I found that the pizza (I’d ordered the ‘Four Corners’) was dense with flavor. The crust was thick with the perfect amount of crunch, the toppings were fresh, and the cheese blanketed the entire concoction, caramelized around the edge…… it was a delightfully indulgent pizza, and with all the options of crust, sauce, toppings, and even how long they bake it, its limitless combinations makes Jet’s the pizza place that keeps on giving.”


Here’s the list in its entirety.

9. Pizza Hut — Traditional Crust

8. Dominos — Traditional Crust

7. Unos — Traditional Crust

6. Papa John’s — Traditional Crust

5. Little Caesar’s — Traditional Crust

4. Costco’s Food Court Pizza — Traditional Crust

3. Domino’s Pizza — Brooklyn Style

2. Round Table — Traditional Crust

1. Jets — Four Corners

Learn more about the ranking here.


  1. Jets is number one in my book of pizzas. They have the crust down pat. Crunchy, not flat and bland, flavorful, and not floppy, not burnt, and doesn’t have corn meal on the bottom of the crust, like one I detested, from another pizza place. My next favorite is Hungy Howies, that is, as long as I pass on the ranch flavored crust, which was too salty for me, and when I complained, I was told that is the way the ranch flavored crust is. Okay, now I know, not to order that kind of crust anymore.

  2. I loved the Godfather’s Pizza, from the Hess gas stations around, but most of them went out of business, or either took the Godfather’s Pizza Shops out, from inside the stations. Their mini pizzas in the vegetable kind were my favorite. They had green peppers, mushrooms, onions, and of course the sauce and cheese. Oh, I want one now…..


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