An 18-month goal is realized as the APD is acknowledged as one of the top agencies in Florida

From the City of Apopka Public Information Office

 The Apopka Police Department was recognized today among the top law enforcement agencies in Florida, achieving its first-ever standards accreditation from the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation. 

The police department was recognized at a meeting in Weston, FL by the Commission, which includes sheriffs, chiefs, judges, and other law enforcement executives who reviewed detailed evaluations of Apopka’s police operations, procedures, facilities, and equipment. The police department worked through the exhaustive accreditation process for 18 months. 

 In July, a Commission evaluation team visited Apopka to inspect all aspects of the police department, review extensive paperwork, interview staff and observe daily operations. As part of the accreditation process, Apopka had to comply with approximately 260 professional standards. 

 The Commission meets three times per year to oversee the accreditation program and to officially accredit agencies that passed the rigorous review process. The evaluation team leader reported: “It is without reservation the assessment team recommends to the Commission that the Apopka Police  Department be reviewed favorably for initial accreditation status.” 

 “This has been a goal for the Apopka Police Department for a number of years, and staff worked tirelessly to update policies and procedures and complete each required standard,” said Police Chief Michael McKinley. “This recognition will put the Apopka Police Department in an elite group of professional law enforcement agencies that meet or exceed law enforcement industry standards.” 

 The accreditation team acknowledged that Apopka exceeded minimum state and accreditation standards regarding officer training and that Apopka officers were skilled, well versed in policy, and at one point reported to the commission that, “…it was clear to the assessment team that the Apopka Police Department was dedicated to the accreditation process.” 

 Benefits of accreditation include the department’s obligation to conduct a complete review of agency policies and practices to ensure they are consistent with modern policing concepts. Confirming the agency not only has modern policies in place but that the officers are applying them effectively and consistently, increases the law enforcement agency’s ability to prevent and control crime. This also verifies it is providing consistent, modern, and transparent services to the public, ensuring high public confidence in the agency. 

 “The final assessment of everything we did, from how we dispatched calls, to how we investigated crimes, to how we handled petty cash, were reviewed by an independent team,” said Deputy Chief Randy Fernandez. “This critical evaluation went well, and nothing makes me more honored than to work with this city and the men and women of this police department.” 

 The inspection team consisted of law enforcement members who work in similarly situated departments. The consistent remark from the team members was that Apopka’s personnel were excited and appreciative of the review. Chief McKinley, during the review noted: “We have great equipment, a supportive city, and good benefits, but the knowledge, warmth, and welcoming attitude of our personnel was more than the accreditation team had seen with other assessments.” The accreditation is valid for three years, and the agency will be required to maintain compliance with applicable standards. 


  1. Congratulations to the Apopka Police Department for obtaining its first ever standards accreditation, and for being officially recognized. Sincere congratulations, however we have known for a very long long time, that our Apopka police force is miles above other police communities!!! #Apopka Proud

  2. I’m sorry but the Apopka City Council meetings are getting beyond petty. This latest fiasco yesterday at the council meeting concerning in- house fighting between Mayor Kilsheimer’s wife, Cheryl, and between the publisher of a history book that was sold in the Apopka History Museum, that has been yanked off the shelves, and also fighting with the most dedicated volunteer of all times at the Apopka Historical Museum who is 96 years old and has volunteered for 47 years (!!!) is the most nasty, absurb thing yet that has occurred, as of lately at the council meetings. I don’t know WTH is going on, as I have not been keeping up with the Apopka Historical Museum happenings, but what I witnessed at the Apopka Council meeting yesterday was shameful, and it sure looks bad! I am not on anyone’s side, honestly, but something there is not right! And did I actually hear Mayor Kilsheimer make a veiled threat to shut down the Apopka Historical Museum, because that is what I interrupted his words to be???? Did anyone else interrupt his words, like I did???? Let’s see, it is not only Mrs. Kilsheimer involved in the Apopka Historical Museum, as it is also Commissioner Velazquez’s husband on the board of the Apopka Historical Museum also. Wow…….is all I can say! The circus continues, plus allegations of African American historical memorabilia taken down from the walls of the Apopka Historical Musuem… a box of gift chocolate candy given back to the sender, as in we don’t take “bribes”……..uh uh uh, SMH

  3. All I can say about what is happening on the Apopka City Council and also what is happening in this city is there still a very much divided city! If you ask me, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men wouldn’t be able to put this city back together again…………

  4. I’ve been looking at the other city websites…planning on going to another city meeting. I see some have live streaming video, such as Eustis. Mt. Dora has recorded audio, and Winter Garden, I don’t know. Big turnout at Tavares meetings. Watched a different place, Astatula, a tiny meeting. Interesting. I see on different city websites, historical boards serving, citizen’s advisory boards, architecture boards, and the list goes on and on…..of citizens involved in the local government process. And what did I learn yesterday from our city? That we actually have had several citizens volunteer their services for various duties, or capacities, and they were TURNED DOWN! Uh uh uh, SMH! I guess to qualify, one must have to have a relative, or spouse on the Apopka City Council…….is that how the policy works, or maybe it is the non-policy??????? Uh uh uh, SMH

  5. Oh yeah, and at yesterday’s council meeting, I discovered that the mayor said that volunteers should not be yelled at…..huh? So does that mean someone has been doing so yelling at the volunteers? Sounds that way to me…..uh uh uh…SMH

  6. A small airplane has landed on I-4 at Lake Mary Blvd. and 436 near the rest area, facing the west bound traffic! Heavy traffic also, and no one was hurt or injured, either on the ground or in the plane….the plane ran out of gas…OMG! It just happened not long ago….the plane looks extremely small to me….red and white colored with a black and white checker board tail design….!!!

  7. This is the area that has been under recent construction on I-4. Witnesses said it was a very smooth landing, no damage to the plane whatsoever.

  8. People driving along I-4 were afraid the plane was going to move over on them, and collide with them, as they were driving along the highway and it was landing right next to them……..

  9. The John H. Land statue unveiling ceremony was very nice this morning. My husband and I got our picture made with the mayor in the middle, between us, and when I saw our photo, OMG, we both looked so short! The mayor’s statue is so tall! Or either we shrunk big time. Maybe that was it. We both look about four foot tall. I know we aren’t tall people, but I hope we look taller than that, normally……geesh.

  10. I was looking for the commemorative engraved bricks that were sold to be placed around the mayor’s statue. Will they be put down later at City Hall, or will they be put in the KLN Park instead, and I wonder when the next statue of Mayor Land will be put in the park?

  11. The statue artist did a wonderful job on the creation. I know it was a very emotional time for Mayor Land’s family, and as the tears were shed, and tissues handed out, just know how proud our city is of Mayor Land’s dedication to our city, and how respected and loved he was around these parts.

  12. I had to go over and look at the John Land Champion Sycamore Tree once again, and compare it to the huge sycamore tree we had cut down in our backyard recently. Ours was taller than the city hall sycamore tree, and had a huge trunk near the bottom of it, but it was nowhere as big around as the John Land Champion Sycamore Tree. That one was planted in 1900, and is 117 years old, and I figured that ours was about 37 years old. Quite a bit of difference in age there. Ours had the top broken out before also, from the high winds of the past.

  13. Another reason we had our big sycamore taken down was when we saw the sycamore tree on Old Dixie Highway that had fallen on one of the apartment buildings at Orange North Apartments. That and the big tree that fell on an Apopka home, that required a crane to remove it, at a very high cost, that made our decision easier to make. I love trees, but sometimes you have to protect your home, if you know there could be potential problems during hurricanes with them falling on your home.

  14. I know I have been a big critic of the tree trimming companies when they contract for the power company to trim the trees around town, under the power lines, and when they leave them looking butchered. It irks me to no end. However, after this latest hurricane, I have decided to zip it, and just accept the butchered tree look, if it keeps the power going during the storms for everyone. I will just have to look the other way, I guess.

  15. I don’t know how you all’s day went, but mine was so fine today. I got referred to as a “hot tamale”, and was told I looked so beautiful, by a person who shall remain unnamed….. LOL, flattery will get you EVERYWHERE with Mama Mia….LOL

  16. I see I used the wrong word in one of my above postings, where I was posting about how I interpreted Mayor Kilsheimer’s words he spoke about the Apopka Historical Museum…..I wrongly used the word “interrupted” his words, when I meant to type “interpreted” his words……sorry, I was thinking interpreted, but typed interrupted. I confess I have brain burn out at times….LOL!

  17. There are times when I listen closely to Mayor Kilsheimer’s words, when he speaks at the city council, and I am at a loss, to understand his words sometimes. It is not his character flaw though, apparently he uses many phrases I have never heard spoken before, such as “it is not soup yet”, “camels peeking under tents”, and the latest, that I truly did not know what he meant, was “beyond the pale”……I guess I have led a sheltered life, but now I look these phrases and sayings, that the mayor uses, up on the computer, so I now understand what he is talking about. Maybe it is I, who needs a translator….LOL. This clearly shows that all of our citizens, no matter who they are, have something to offer, and something that we can learn, by listening to everyone closely.

  18. Did you hear about the latest government screw- up that will cost unnecessary money to the taxpayers of Orange County? We got our property tax bill in the mail yesterday. If you open it, you will see that the envelope that they provided, has a window to tear off the part you return, and you are supposed to put it in the envelope with the address of the county’s P. O. Box to go to them, but instead the way the window is lined up, when you put your bill inside, to send it in to make a payment, you would be mailing it to yourself, so they are going to mail new bills out, and it is about 250,000 or 60,00 depending on how the article is read in today’s Orlando Sentinel, that has to be resent out with new envelopes, new bills, plus the extra mailing costs. Money wasted because of an oversight…….that is, unless the printing company makes good on the boo boo.

  19. What happened to the total exemption that was proposed for people who lived in their homes for 25 years or more, that was on one of the ballots, that the voters got to vote on? I haven’t heard anything about it since the vote. It was my understanding that it passed. I am hearing about an extra exemption for people with certain high priced homes, that will get the benefit of an extra exemption, but nothing for a person with a more modest appraised home value. As it is, everyone who pays the millage rate, pays the same rate, whether your home is of a lower value or higher value. So when this latest exemption to come, is put into affect, the people with the lower appraised home values, will actually be paying a greater share, than the higher appraised home values. I ask, is that fair? I would have loved to ask Mr. Singh, but the public could not speak at the previous council meeting, after Mr. Singh’s talk.

  20. I am speaking of the same millage rates set, as in Orange County, and the millage rates for the City of Apopka, as other cities have various different millage rates.

  21. Too many items going to the ballot that the voters approve of, are not getting implemented. Like the medical marijuana that passed with the voter’s approval. Why ask us if you have no intentions of implementing what the voters approve???

  22. I enjoyed reading Apopka Critic’s article from the Orlando Sentinel archives of famous landmark businesses that are no longer around. Yes, I see the Langford Hotel in Winter Park. I knew that place well, as my father worked there in the early 70’s. He was either manager, assistant manager, or night auditor, don’t remember which, but that was his normal positions at the various big hotels he worked at. He also worked here in Florida at the famous San Juan Hotel that was on Orange Av. downtown Orlando, in the early 70’s. He used to get me a key and a room upstairs that I could stay in and watch tv and look down on the downtown Orange Avenue.

  23. They blew the San Juan Hotel up with explosives and demolished it in Orlando. One of the previous big hotels my daddy worked at, was in Charlotte, N.C. and it was the Queen Charlotte Hotel. Daddy would get me keys and rooms there to stay in and look down on the downtown streets, and to lazy around and watch tv upstairs, when the weather was too bad to travel back and forth on the icy roads, as my parents worked in Charlotte, but we lived across the state line, in another state. They blew it up too! Imploded it. This is funny because my daddy, my mama, and myself and my future husband here in Apopka used to go over to the Seminole Harness Racing over in Seminole County, Florida, near Longwood, all the time, as my parents loved to go there, and bet on the harness racing horses. They blew that place up too, and imploded it eventually! Places my dad liked to go, or places he worked at, they were all imploded!

  24. I got lots of items when the hotels had conventions held at them. My daddy would bring me all kinds things from the conventions. I loved it when they hosted the beauty conventions, as he would bring me all types of beauty products, hair spray, shampoo, and things that girly girls liked. They had fruit growers conventions, you name it, and I reaped the rewards….LOL

  25. We used to go with my husband’a family over to Malcom’s Hungary Bear restaurant that was on Colonial Drive. It was after you turned east off of 441 and on the south side of the road. Oh my gosh, the biggest attraction there was a young guy who must have been world famous as it was extremely funny to watch him clean tables as he worked, because I have never in my life seen anybody that was as fast as that guy was picking up dishes, and silver wear off of the tables….it was hilarious! The most amazing hand dexterity ever, on anybody! That young guy was the main attraction! It is long gone now, but we used to all go there together for a special occasion, like someone in the family’s birthday, or something like that. They had great food! We got plenty of hungry bears around here now, just don’t have Malcom’s Hungary Bear……

  26. So many places long gone….York Steak House, Freddy’s Steak House in Fern Park, the Steak and Brew, the Fairvilla Bowling Alley where my husband was in the R and R Alley Cat League, the Parkwood Plaza Bowling Alley, oh yes and the Montgomery Ward store, my mama and I lived at that place practically! Yes, me and my mama loved to go to Piccadilly and Morrisons, as they had such tasty food. This is what happened one time when we went to the Piccadilly on the South Orange Blossom Trail… I have said before my mother worked out there on the SOBT, and we frequently went drove out that way. One time my mother and I had ate there at the Piccadilly, and we were coming out to stop and pay for our food at the cashier, and all of a sudden I told my mother to just wait a minute, let me go to the restroom first, and just sit over there on the bench a minute, and then we will go pay for our meal. Well, an elderly lady was behind us, and she stepped forward and paid for her meal, as I went to the restroom. I came out, we paid for our meals, and as we exited the restaurant, the elderly lady was lying on the cement sidewalk, with her teeth knocked out, bloodied, and was injured with a broken bone. She didn’t fall, oh no, it was a purse snatcher that had punched her in the face, and knocked her down on the cement sidewalk in front of the restaurant as she came out of there! It was a young guy on a bicycle that grabbed her purse, and flew across the breezeway and across the road into an apartment complex. I tried to console the lady, and I was so mad that someone would do that to an elderly lady! It was horrible. The police were called, but it was appalling! I told my mom that if I hadn’t of told her to just wait on me and sit right there, I guess it would have been either my mom, or myself, the victim. It really gave a perspective of just how fast one can be turned into a crime victim!

  27. Here I go again with another correction: It was Malcom’s Hungry Bear restaurant, not Malcom’s Hungary Bear… a bear that wants to eat a lot, not like the country of Hungary…..sorry. Send me back to school, I guess, LOL

  28. Here is one for the old timers around here to remember…..who remembers the strip club at Plymouth on 441 where the stripper girls would sit on wooden stools out in front of the strip club, in the daytime, and have on skimpy bikinis, and sit on the stools, and wave to people driving on 441 hoping to drum up business and tips?…LOL An old used tire business now days….that was county, not city limits.

  29. Here is another one for the old timers… I have never been there, and do not think, for one minute, that I have, nor would I ever go to somewhere like that place, but remember when Lake Apopka was known more for the swinger’s sex club out there, than for the Wildlife Loop…..LOL!!!

  30. Remember when you used to go to the top of the Citrus Tower in Clermont and it was orange trees and groves as far as you could see?

  31. I even remember when I could take my little miniature poodle I had way back then, in the early 70’s, with us to the beach, and dogs were allowed on the beach at Daytona Beach.

  32. I remember when my husband could sit and smoke at the tables of the restaurants. I remember when you could drive to Cocoa in about an hour, now it would take you an hour to get through Orlando, with the heavy traffic, and all of the traffic lights. We remember when you could actually catch some fish at the coast, without a lot of effort. In fact, if it was blues season, you didn’t even have to put bait on the hook, just throw it out with no bait, and they would still bite and fast! I am serious.

  33. I remember running around barefooted with white shorts and a white t-shirt on in the dead of winter, when I moved here in 1970. I never got cold then, I was used to cold weather, and had some tough feet then. LOL Now I freeze at the least temperature drop, and no way can I go barefooted, as I have foot problems. Man, do things change with time!

  34. I think this is the last of my good time memory postings for awhile, as I am beginning to get depressed, as to how things used to be, compared to now. The article of the 50 businesses that are gone, triggered it all. Thanks a lot Apopka Critic…..


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