A five-story hotel could be the first business to open at the Apopka City Center, according to Jeff McFadden, Managing Director for Taurus Southern Investments.  McFadden went on to describe the hotel as a “hot prospect.”

Apopka City Center HotelMcFadden also revealed Taurus’ thoughts about incorporating the Highland Manor into the Apopka City Center project when he said, “I don’t see how you keep the Highland Manor on this site.”

McFadden’s comments were made at a City Council Workshop on Wednesday afternoon.  Approximately 25 people attended the workshop.

Under the proposed Development agreement Taurus would have 18 months to decided the fate of the Highland Manor.  If it is not incorporated into the design of the City Center they would have to give the City 12 months to either move the Manor to another location or demolish the Manor.  If the Manor was not moved or demolished within the 12 months the City would incur a $500 per day penalty.

Apopka City Center Street ViewThe design of the Apopka City Center would incorporate an architectural style known as “Florida Vernacular,” in an effort to maintain the historic character of Apopka.  In addition to the 5-story hotel the Center would feature wide sidewalks, public gathering places and a boardwalk. A central parking area plus smaller parking lots are envisioned.

Taurus is proposing to have a minimum of 30,000 square feet of restaurant space which would include two stand-alone restaurants.  If the hotel has a restaurant it would not be considered “stand-alone.”

The rest of the Center would contain a variety of retail businesses.  Some of the business types mentioned included; day spas, a grocery store, coffee shops, bakeries, and dentists.

Use this link to view the entire Apopka City Center presentation from Taurus.

The City Council is scheduled to vote on the proposed Development Agreement at the next City Council meeting on Wednesday, July 20th.  The meeting begins at 7:00 PM.  Public comment on the proposed Apopka City Center will be heard at this meeting.



  1. It is a rip off, plain and simple. Supposed to be a city center, but is just another plain old run-of-the-mill boring, commercial development. Nothing about it maintains the historic character of Apopka. Doesn’t look like it even belongs here in Apopka, looks like something that would go in at a beachside town. Disappointing to me. Guess the next thing we will hear is that the city will need to raise the millage rate on property taxes to pay for everything connected with the city center, traffic improvements and house to be saved. Geared toward tourists not locals. I am very disappointed. These renderings look nothing like the other renderings presented all along. We got a pig in the poke, and no amount of lipstick on that pig is going to help this project. Way too much hype for what we are getting. Something was built that looked similar to these renderings, on Hwy. 50 in Winter Garden, years and years ago, and it flopped, and then was turned into a flea market in order to get some use of the buildings, rather than the vagrants and homeless…..OMG

  2. Where the deal went wrong was from the start. They should of bid it out with the condition that the Highland Manor would stay right where it is at, and the land underneath the house and the surrounding yard and access to get to the house, would remain city owned and under the city control. That is where it all went wrong, it was not put out to bid that way. Also when the city didn’t get a high bid, it should of been put back out to bid nationally or internationally. Glenn said about $ 200,000 plus some extra costs to move it, and now the Taurus person says about $ 1.1 million to move the house. That’s a lot of difference there. Maybe Taurus over-inflated the projected costs to move the house. Does the city know for a fact that this is what it will cost to move it? If so, I think we know what will happen to the house………….

  3. Ironic isn’t it, that now that the Highland Manor is making money with the restaurant and some of the events, like the successful Taste of Apopka event, now the rug is going to be snatched out from under it all, in the name of “progress”. Heard this one before. Also, it never looked more beautiful down there, too.

  4. Rather than increase our taxes and change the character of our town to reflect the traffic and crowding of Orlando or Altamonte Springs, I am quite willing to drive to elsewhere if I don’t want to eat at any of the restaurants or shop in any of the stores in Apopka on a particular day.


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