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By Don Lindsey


After writing last week’s article about spring cleaning, and then spending the week catching up on that cleaning, I realized that there was another key factor in the cleansing process whether it’s physical or emotional that I failed to mention:

Taking stock of what’s good in your life and what isn’t.

While I did mention that it was important to toss or give away what you didn’t need, I didn’t realize the value of taking inventory until I started sorting through some stuff earlier in the week.  It was Monday and the family was still reeling from the loss of one of our cats, Fuzzy.  If you’re a pet owner, then you know how much it hurts when you lose an animal.  As I was going through some pictures of her that my wife put on Facebook, I happen to see a couple other cats that I had owned and lost.  This could have made things worse for me but instead, at that moment I realized how lucky I was to have had those wonderful creatures.  I still miss Fuzzy a lot, but that moment of gratitude helped snap me out of the sadness I was feeling and in turn also helped me to be there for my wife and kids who had much more time with her than I had.

A couple of days later, I was grumbling about how much I had to do.  I still had a lot of cleaning up and projects around the house to accomplish but just couldn’t seem to get started on something without something else popping up.  I can’t remember when it was exactly but at some point, I remember thinking about how much my wife does in a day at her job alone and I found myself starting to feel very blessed that I have the things and folks in my life to keep up with.  Parents still alive, children that I love watching grow up, a wife that is loving and supportive along with a lot of friends and family made whatever grumpy attitude I had vanished rather quickly.

As the week came to an end, I found myself sitting in my bedroom last night thinking about the week and all that happened in it.  I didn’t realize that I had spent the week taking inventory of my life and letting go of some of the things that were emotionally getting in the way.  Early in the week, I was able to channel my grief for our cat into gratitude for having as many years with her as I did.  Mid-week, I was frustrated with the list of things I needed to do but let go of that frustration long enough to appreciate what I have.  Going into this coming week, I am looking to take the lessons of this past week and will continue to take inventory of my life by eliminating the negative outlook I seem to have when things get too stressful.  If I can accomplish this, then I’ll be able to enjoy the week ahead with the wife off work for the week and the kids home for spring break, something I am really looking forward to.

With constantly taking stock of where I’m at in my life, I hope to stay aware of the opportunities to help others that pop up.  Whether it’s my kids, wife, or parents, I want to be a positive influence on the environment around me.  I can’t do that if I’m too worried about myself and my life.  Looks like I just took inventory in the last sentence.  I want to be a positive force in my life and need to eliminate selfishness to do that.  God bless and have a wonderful week.

Don Lindsey is a follower of Christ, son, husband, father, and a survivor.  Originally from Dayton Ohio, and resident of Apopka for six years, Don sees his life as a dedication to his wife, parents, children, and community.


  1. Donny, you are at a blessed time in your life. Never forget that Papa God loves you, and each of us like favorite children. I have been blessed with four children, and when I say blessed I am using the word very loosely. Actually, I did have another child, Ruthy Adams was her name. Ruthy was with us for about three years, we loved her, and were going to adopt her, but, when my dear wife, the mother of my children was taken from us by a drunk driver, the dept. of children and families, with a great lack of sensitivity, took her from us and placed her in foster care. My children and I not only lost a wife and mother, but also a daughter and sister. Life at times can be very difficult, even cruel, but rest assured, Papa God is watching over each of us. God bless you and yours Donny, Chaz

  2. I never knew that Chuck and appreciate you sharing that. You’re so right, life can be horrible at times but it’s manageable when the Lord is with us.

  3. Hey Donnie, I see that cat place you wrote about, Candy Cats, is opening in Apopka. I don’t know if they are open yet or not, but they are going to be behind Robinsons Restaurant in the mini shopping center behind there, near Jim’s Gold Mine store, I think that is what the ad stated, in this week’s Apopka Chief. They are going to feature cat adoptions and other cat things, I believe, if I am correct……Spring cleaning? Oh Donnie, perish the thoughts, that is a lot of work, and my energy level is already HAD!

  4. Mr. Towne, I am sorry to read that you lost your wife, the mother of your children, to a drunk driver. That is terrible, I am truly so sorry for both you, and your now- adult children. My husband has lost two blood- related family members to drunk drivers. Both on his mother’s side of the family. I still say people can never truly understand the emotions involved, until it happens to someone close, that you love, or care about, or in your own family. The sad part of my husband’s uncle’s death was that his uncle only had one arm anyway, and he drove with that one arm. I never knew how he lost his arm before, whether it was war, or some other accident, but he tried so hard that day, to take to the shoulder of the road, and tried and tried to avoid the drunk, that came over the slight rise or hill, and was met with a drunk head- on, on HIS SIDE OF THE ROAD, and he died at the scene, even though he tried his best to avoid the head-on collision, on Mt. Plymouth Road, near where the new parkway comes across now. The other family- related member of my husband, was only 18 years old when he was killed, and it was right after midnight on New Years Eve night. My husband also lost 4 family members in a bad accident on Plymouth Sorrento Road, but there was no alcohol involved in that tragedy, but the tragedy still killed a young dad, mom, and two little kids in his family, a little boy and a little girl, this on my husband’s father’s side of the his family. I am really fearful of Plymouth Sorrento Road now, especially since I almost got hit there, pulling out of the Plymouth Post Office, and have been spooked about that road ever since. Mr. Towne, did you ever get to see the little girl, Ruthy, after the Dept. of Children and Families took her away from you all?

  5. Donnie, you should go to Candy Cats, when they open here in Apopka, and adopt you another cat, as you know you love cats, and can always find another sort of FUZZY, of a different personality, right Donnie?

  6. I had a strange urge to go to a strange place today. I told my husband I wanted to go find Evergreen Cemetery. I said it is listed as Tangerine, Zellwood, and another article even stated Mt. Dora. I have lived here in Apopka since 1970, and I did not know where this cemetery was, but know of most of them around this area. You head toward Zellwood and turn right on Sadler Rd. near the Baptist church, go down a little ways and bear to the road to the left, Cemetery Road, and go out through the boonies, and I thought I found it, but it was the Tangerine Cemetery. Then we drove on, and found it, and it was the Evergreen Cemetery, that I was looking for. I never knew that was there, either cemetery. It is remote back in there, and so peaceful and quiet, and wow there are some deep deep ravines on past that last cemetery, like a piece of Florida that time forgot. I saw very familiar family names of Zellwood pioneers. Then we left, and on up the road on 441, OMG the construction is underway with too much construction!!!

  7. Hello Mia, we have 5 cats and two dogs still so we’re good on animals, just tough losing one. I did know that Candy’s Cats did work in Apopka. My wife used to volunteer for them out of a pet shop they were using as an adoption center. Thanks for the comment and God bless!


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