Take your kids to the North Orange Library in Apopka this Saturday (May 20th) from 10:30 am – 11:30 am to meet Apopka Police Officers for cookies and milk (& a story). This is a time for children to interact with local police officers in a fun and informative environment. Cookies and Milk McKinley

The North Orange County Branch Library is at 1211 East Semoran Boulevard in Apopka.

The Cookies and Milk with a Cop is an initiative started by Officer Andrew Raphael of the Winter Garden Police Department last year. The goal is to bring kids and Cops together in a fun and non-traditional environment that builds trust and makes friends.

Cookies and Milk with a Cop is a joint venture between the Apopka Police Department, the Apopka Main Street McDonald’s restaurant and the North Orange Branch Library in Apopka.

  • The APD provides a police officer for reading to the children.
  • McDonald’s provides the cookies and milk.
  • The Apopka Library provides a comfortable setting for the event.

The events are held at 10:30 AM on the 3rd Saturday of each month.


  1. Bring on the cookies and milk! Wow, I was just watching tv news and saw the wreck that happened at 13th St. and Hawthorne Avenue in South Apopka. I had already read about the hit and run, but after watching tv news, I saw the royal blue car torn up in the wreck, and saw the car’s owner, the woman on tv, and that is when I realized it was the car that was stolen right out front of the Medicine Shoppe behind Chic-Fil-A in the Apopka Hunt Club area strip mall, that I wrote about here on the Apopka Voice, as I was right there when it was stolen, waiting on my meds at the same time the car’s owner was inside, and I was seated on the bench facing the storefront, and I did not see or hear whoever it was drive off stealing her car, and I felt bad because I didn’t see it happen or hear anything. I had hoped the lady would get her car back in one piece, but I see that isn’t the case…..the royal blue Mitsibichi Lancer. That Seminole sheriff deputy was right when he said they were probably headed to Apopka….. Stolen May 1, I think it was. Where was the car all this time???

  2. You can see the royal blue stolen car that was involved in the accident in South Apopka on Click Orlando. com or Channel 6 News Orlando under the video section…….that was the car stolen from in front of the Medicine Shoppe the day I was right there, behind Chic-Fil-A. That car sure looks totaled to me, and worse is, they got away running, a whole bunch of them, and almost cost another innocent lady in the other car they hit, her life, according to her son. As I stated, they are slick.


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