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Eddy Moratin To Speak At October Lunch

Eddy Moratin

Some say that Eddy Moratin could stand in front of a group, read the phone book, and still make the talk interesting! Well he’s not going to do that at the October Relationship-Building Lunch!

 Eddy has a passion for encouraging others to realize their full potential and to use their individual gifts and influence for the betterment of the whole community. He is the Executive Director of LIFT Orlando, a non-profit organization founded by business leaders to partner with neighborhood residents and accelerate community transformation.

In his talk, “Business Leadership & Social Justice,” Eddy will show us how to engage our companies in initiatives that could have a real impact in our community and what steps we can take today to begin mobilizing our companies towards making a difference in the ways that matter the most. We’ll wrestle with the question, should social justice issues be viewed as an obligation or as an opportunity for both greater impact and greater profitability?

When: Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017, 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. (doors open at 11)
Where: 3000 S. John Young Parkway, First Baptist Orlando, Faith Hall – 3rd floor
Cost: $30.00 chamber members and first-timers, $45.00 non-members (prior to ordering deadline); $50.00 pay-at-the-door, save $5-$20 by RSVPing on time.


Click HERE to order online using our secure service, or call our office at 407-814-1124 to pay by phone.


  1. Social justice issue should be corrected starting with the individual (s) involved. If not thru the secession of governmental agencies. Profit should never be the reason to advocate for or against someone or something.
    You can’t legislate Morality or Ethics as Americans or humans it’s your responsibility to society to the right at all times. If not you not your whole race should be he accountable. Just think after slavery if the plantation owner said. Bubba I can’t afford to pay much but you can keep the schack and the land it’s on if you help harvest these crops. I would has said yes why because I am now free and is getting paid to what I forced to do for free. Knowing next the crop harvest my neighbors will be helping me and this continue on. We all prosper. Instead we were labeled lazy, shifty and thieves you brought us here with nothing and you send us out in to the world without any means to succeed!! While chanting and changing the laws to criminalize any attempts we made to advance.
    I have been blessed to travel all over the world to see how cultures live and govern I love USA point blank but we all should continue to strive for the betterment of all U. S. Citizens


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