Apopka Burglary Report: Week Ending – 12/3/2017

The Apopka Burglary Report for the week ending December 3rd shows 16 burglaries reported in the City of Apopka.

One burglary was reported at a business located in the 500 block of Cooper Oaks Circle.

Two burglaries were reported at residences located in the 4400 BLOCK of PLYMOUTH SORRENTO RD, and the 600 BLOCK of N LAKE AVE.

13 vehicle burglaries were reported in the 200 block of  E 7TH ST, the 500 block of W MARTIN ST, the 500 BLOCK of PARKSIDE POINTE BLVD, the 2300 BLOCK of COBBLEFIELD CIR, the 200 block of E 7TH ST, the 100 BLOCK of W OAK ST,  the 2700 BLOCK of SAND OAK LOOP, the 2800 BLOCK of SAND OAK LOOP, the 2100 BLOCK of MADISON IVY CIR, the 400 block of W MAIN ST (2), the 100 block of S FOREST AVE,  and the 1300 BLOCK of SEBURN RD.

Chief Michael McKinley, of the APD, tells us that many vehicle burglaries could have been prevented if everyone remembers to do just two things:

  1. Remove all valuables from your vehicle
  2. Lock your car doors

The breakdown of the burglaries reported to the Apopka Police Department last week:

  • 1 – Business
  • 2 – Residential
  • 13 – Vehicle


  1. Thugs on the prowl….too many vehicle burglaries for one week’s time period! I see at least one address area on this list, someone is going to get shot, if they catch ’em!….IMO

  2. I have just watched the You Tube video of “Country Star, Randy Travis’ Nude DUI Arrest”…..caught by the cop car’s dash cam in Texas, as he was heading to jail in the cop car….I am having a serious good laugh after watching that, at poor ol’ Randy’s expense, but it is so hilarious! The poor guy did suffer a very serious stroke about a year after this, and he has had a very trying time, it might of been caused by the injuries, in the wreck, when he was drinking, driving, and drunk, don’t know….he had been fighting to keep the video from the public, but he didn’t succeed, and now it is being shown to the public. Poor Randy.

  3. Interesting that APD officers have been out at Lakeville School for the 5th grader’s graduation ceremony, of some kind of magic- to- do program, instead of after all these thieving thugs around here, stealing and breaking into homes, businesses, and stealing people’s vehicles. Is that what they are getting paid for?

  4. I think the APD is going overboard with some of this kiddy entertainment. I mean, I understand some of the things they do, but I still think it is overdo, as it is every time I look at the computer or newspapers….there they are, entertaining different groups of kids, or reading story books, and having milk and cookies, over and over, non-stop. It is getting beyond ridiculous, I think. Is this what our police are hired for?


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