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Who is Alexander Hendrix Smith? A man with a humble beginning! As a result, he is a humanitarian with a servant’s heart. He put others before himself. Having been a resident of the city of Apopka for the past fifty years he has always had a passion for the city. As a young man, his peers’ desire was to grow up and get out of Apopka. Not Alexander; his desire was to get an education and remain in Apopka to make a difference. He has seen the migrant city grow and become one of the fastest growing cities in Central Florida.

My first involvement with politics was when I attended my first City Council meeting as a ninth grader accompanied by my High School Agriculture teacher, now Apopka City Commissioner and Vice Mayor. That visit made a lasting impression and one of my lifelong goals has been to become one of Apopka’s City Commissioners. Occasionally visiting City Council meetings and observing has helped to prepare me for what now is about to become a reality. Some may ask why now? Because of my belief in God, it has always been and still is my prayer that the Lord will keep me humble so that I can be used by Him and for His Glory. I’m humbled by the people, experiences, places, and positions that He has allowed me to be a part of along this journey. There have been times that self or others have asked me to pursue the office before now. But each time the Lord said not yet and I listened. In January of this year, He spoke and said I have prepared you for this time and once again I listened.

Alexander Smith

For a young man who was born in Georgia and raised in the Graveyard Quarters of Apopka, it has only been God who has allowed me to become the man I am today and to have arrived at this point in my life. As a high school student, I received the Foliage Sertoma Club Award. Humbled and appreciative of such an honor my desire has been to give back to my community. Because of my diverse background which has always involved working with people from my early childhood until the present, has served as a springboard to become the next Apopka City Commissioner. From working in the citrus industry picking oranges, firing orange groves at night, to working in the citrus packing house; not to mention working on the muck in Zellwood pulling corn, picking cucumbers and cutting cabbage has taught me to appreciate all professions. After graduating from the citrus industry and the muck I was blessed with the opportunity to be employed by Green Thumb where I was the manager of one of their locations by the time I was a senior in High School. During my time in college, I worked for the National Forestry Service during the summers and was the assistant manager for Majic Market Food Stores to assist with the cost of my education.

I returned to Apopka after graduating from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) receiving my degree in Agricultural Education with a minor in Horticultural Science and have resided here until present. Some of the accomplishments that have helped to prepare me for a time such as this is. One of the founding board members and past President of AIA (Apopka Improvement Association) and one of the founding board members of the Billie Dean Community Garden.

  • Past President of the Florida Association of Agricultural Educators
  • Past President of the Florida FFA (Future Farmers of America) Board of Directors.
  • Past President of the Orange County Agriculture Teachers Association ( 15 years +)
  • Served two terms on the Orange County Board of County Commissioner Agricultural Advisory Board.
  • Served on the Advisory Board for the Orange County Agricultural Extension Service.
  • Member of the first Agriscience Leadership Team for the State of Florida.
  • Treasurer of the South Apopka Ministerial Alliance.
  • Member of the African American Council of Christian Clergy (AACCC).
  • Member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.
  • Member of NAACP
  • Member of FNGLA
  • Member of Orange County Farm Bureau
  • Immediate past president of the General Grand Masonic Congress A.F. & A.M. of USA.
  • Past Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Most Worship, Prince Hall Grand Lodge A.F.&A.M. of the state of Florida and is an Honorary Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Union Grand Lodge F.&A.M. of Florida.
  • Founder and Executive Director of the Prince Hall Scholarship and Economic Development Foundation.

In order to be a good leader, you must first be a good follower. I have demonstrated that I’m a good follower as shown by the positions and places that God has allowed me to serve.

It is my belief that all men and women are created equal and regardless of our backgrounds or our walk in life that it takes those blended experiences to improve the quality of life for every individual. I have not forgotten where I came from and what it took to get to crossroad road in my life. When elected I will work alongside and with the Mayor and the other elected commissioners to represent all of the citizens in Apopka. So when you go to the polls to vote on March 13, 2018; a vote for Alexander H. Smith will be a vote for the voice of all the people.

Note: This is a paid political advertisement from the Alexander Smith campaign.


  1. Alexander, may I ask you a question, and I ask this question sincerely? I think your article is amazing, and the reason that you have decided to run for the Apopka City Council. I notice that in your listings of positions you have held or currently hold, you list that you are a member of the African American Council of Christian Clergy, or AACCC, is what you list after that mention. May I inquire if that AACCC group is a part of the other AACCC group (Apopka Area Concerned Citizens Council) or are there two different groups operating under the AACCC name, or initials? Honestly, I am just curious and that is all, and would like to know, I don’t want to assume anything. I am not asking this for no other reason that to be informed. I hope you will answer on this website (Apopka Voice) instead of the Apopka Voice Facebook, so that I can view your response, as I don’t have a Facebook account and can’t view most responses. Thanks Alexander, Mama Mia

    • Good morning Ms. Mia,
      Thanks for asking for the clarification. No, these are two separate organizations. African American Council of Christian Clergy (AACCC) is an organization which consist of Clergy from Central Florida and has no affiliation with the other organization Apopka Area Concerned Citizens Council (AACCC). They just happen to have the same abbreviation for their name. I’m a member of the African American Council of Christian Clergy.

  2. I hope some of my postings don’t end up posting multiple times. I am having some computer issues, and I need a computer battery and a new battery in my mouse, and I can’t go get what I need, as our truck is in the shop. Sure hope it is fixed by Thanksgiving, as I don’t have my car anymore. The pits!

  3. Alexander, I am glad to see that you are proud of not only your roots, but also your agricultural roots too! So many people underestimate the importance of agriculture in today’s society and nothing could be further from the truth! My husband and I both worked the plant nurseries, and my husband got out in the cold and fired the plant nurseries, and he worked some of the groves too, plus he got the total experience of what it was like to unload the cages and cages of chickens from the semi trucks for the chicken farms. He told me what that was like, and having to keep count of the dead ones, and the firsthand experience of fresh chicken manure all over them coming down on them as the chickens were being unloaded. I got a little experience “picking” tangerines once in the groves, and soon discovered you don’t pick tangerines, as they plug, or pull holes in the skins. You cut them off! LOL….plus the first time I started work at one of the nurseries I cut philly. They soon realized I was cutting the stickings upside down,.. with the eyes upside down. If anyone doesn’t understand this, then you most likely never worked in the foliage plant nurseries….LOL I know, you know what I am joking about Alexander…….

    • Ms. Mia,
      Yes I have a passion for what I do and Agriculture is our life support system. Individuals in the agricultural industry do not receive the recognition they deserve for performing such an important task.
      Yes I too had to learn the hard way that you don’t pick tangerines but you cut them instead. However, I was fortunate to have been enrolled in an agriculture class at Apopka High School and learned about nodes and inter-nodes and where the eyes are located. So I didn’t have that experience. I’m sure there are many that have no idea what we are talking about.
      Thanks for sharing!

  4. You have a very impressive listing of how you have spent your life Alexander, and I confess I wish I had a resume such as yours. I wish you well in your quest to win Seat #1 for Apopka City Council. Good luck and best wishes to you!

  5. I also note the COA election day is listed above as March 13th, 2018….that is what I thought, not March 15th, as what I saw previously listed….lol

  6. Mr. Smith, I would like to know your thoughts on what city councilman Billy Dean has accomplished for Apopka/South Apopka during his tenure? What would you do differently?

    • Good afternoon Ms. McLeod,
      Thanks for asking. My thoughts on what Commissioner Dean has accomplished for Apopka/South Apopka during his tenure. He has served and continues to serve as a role model and mentor for many. He has fought for diversity in City Hall, public works, fire department and the police department. He has brought the concerns of the citizens Apopka/South Apopka to the city council regardless where they live. He has supported businesses and citizens alike that sought his assistance when he felt it was in the best interest of the city and its citizens. He has also spoken out when he felt it was not in the best interest of the city and its citizens. He supports bringing businesses to Apopka that will provide much needed jobs for its citizens while at the time not destroying the atmosphere that drew so many to call Apopka home. He was the first single individual to build affordable housing in South Apopka for the residents of South Apopka. He continues to assist countless numbers of young men (some young Women) to further their education past high school. Some he even put in his car and took them to college as far away as Tallahassee. He has provided part time jobs for individuals that needed help making ends meet (both youth and adults).

      What will be my focus; to work with the other commissioners and the Mayor:
      Provide opportunities for our youth to be involved in wholesome activities without fear of endangerment.
      Care for our seniors.
      Increase transparency.
      Listen and act on the concerns of all the citizens.
      Create a business friendly and pro-job environment.
      Maintain the “suburban” values of our city as we grow.
      I’m willing to meet with you to hear your concerns for our city and to answer any other questions that you may have concerning my candidacy for Apopka City Council Seat 1. I can be reached by email at or by phone at 407-906-1832.

  7. Alexander, your story is very impressive. We worked together at Apopka Middle School and I remember your dedication to your agriculture students(FFA). If elected to the council, you will represent all city residents, just as Commissioner Billie Dean has done. Become familiar with the charter and be a commissioner for all. The Mayor and ALL Council Members are elected “city wide”…No man is an island… I have confidence that you will work hard for all sections of our city!
    Good Luck!

  8. Thank you Alexander for clearing up the subject of the AACCC being two different groups with the same initials. I appreciate you answering my question, as so many times, I ask questions of people, here on this website, and never get a response. Take care, and you and your family, have a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving holiday!

  9. Hey Mr Smith congratulations on all your success and I wanted to thank you for everything you taught me in agriculture you shaped me to a man and I’m forever greatful I will be starting my internships at seaworld and Valencia to work with animals and it’s all because of you. You were my favorite teacher and mentor thank you.


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