By Charles Towne           


The first challenge in the memory and I.Q. testis calculated to test your ability to pay attention and memorize very simple equations.

Challenge # 1:  Select and memorize 31 random items.  These can be any items except, Comb, Banana, Lamb, Flashlight, Fish, Battery, and Key.  Do not memorize Comb, Banana, Lamb, flashlight, Fish, Battery, mouse trap and Key. Now memorize the 31 items on your list except numbers, 3, 11, 17, 21, and 29.

Challenge # 2:  Look out the nearest window and calculate the weight of the first 17 lbs. of snow covering the gardenia bush.

Challenge # 3:  Estimate the number of blossoms on the Gardenia bush, subtract 2/3 of the total and add 17 to the remainder for your answer.

Challenge # 4:  This one is especially challenging.  Look out the window at the third oak tree from the left.  Do you see the painted bunting on the end of the little branch?  Not that branch, the little one!  Now, if the painted bunting tries real hard can he fly to the sun and back in seventeen years?  Now calculate the number of eggs the painted bunting can lay on the return trip from the sun?  Now add the number of eggs he can lay on his return trip from the sun to the answer for challenge # 2 and subtract 9862.  Hint: Your answer should be less than your answer to challenge # 5.

Challenge # 5:  If one ounce of finely ground cardamom and one ounce of chili pepper are mixed together with one ounce of horseradish, how many pounds of sugar would you end up with?

The next one is really easy.

Challenge # 6:  If we take 100 pounds of feathers and dump the feathers one at a time from an airliner flying 673 miles an hour at an altitude of 12 ½ miles and you are on the ground with a butterfly net, how long would it take you to catch all the feathers before the first one hits the ground?

And the last one:

Challenge # 7:  If you try real hard, and I mean real, real, real hard, is there anything that would ever qualify you, or make you worthy of Papa God’s great miraculous love for you, Or subsequently, Jesus’ incredible sacrifice for you on Calvary’s cross?

Dear God, O Holy One, bless us and hold us close as a nation.  Smile upon us and teach us to trust you. Cleanse us from anything that you find immoral or displeasing in your sight.  Stifle the efforts of anyone that wishes to divide or harm this beautiful country, our home, the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Work your will in us, for us and through us as your people, and mold us after the likeness and character of our blessed Lord Jesus.  This we pray in His wonderful, and Holy name, yes, we, your people ask this of you O Mighty God, Amen, and Amen.

Charles Towne is first and foremost a Christian. An octogenarian, author, journalist, wildlife photographer, naturalist, caregiver, and survivor, his life has been and continues to be, a never-ending adventure filled with possibilities never imagined. He has adopted the philosophy that to Live fully, laugh uproariously, love passionately, and learn like there is no tomorrow, is a formula for a long and joy-filled life.


  1. Dear Lord,
    You are remarkable, amazing, loving beyond words. We do not deserve you, but are ever so grateful that you love us despite our flaws and sins. May we meditate upon that thought, give you praise and honor!! Thank you
    Lord, for all you are and all you have done for us.
    In Jesus name,

  2. Dear CSG, I think it must be so that praising Him is absolutely the highest form of worship! I can hear in the perfect ear of my mind faint echoes of choirs of the angel host exalting Him in harmonics resonating far beyond our imaginings. Holy, holy, holy, Lord God almighty, Blessed art thou in all the heavens, in all the universe, and all your blessed creation. Praise you, praise you, praise you, O Lord God of hosts for you are our God in truth and all of your magnificent beauty. There is nothing that we can say that hasn’t already been said countless times down through the countless ages. Thank you for first loving us O Holy God of Israel. Blessed be your name, In His worthy name we ask it, Amen

  3. I can remember:Jesus loves me, this I know!
    For the Bible tells me so! Little ones to Him belong! They are so weak, but He is strong!
    I think that is all I really need to know And remember to live a life of peace!

  4. “Linda, dearest child of mine, I love you.” Those are the words Papa God is whispering n your ears right now and the words your daddy would be speaking to you were he here, Friend and uncle, Chas

  5. 1) Done, no problem!
    2) Done, live in Florida so, no problem!
    3) Done, almost wintertime so, EZ!
    4) Done, Painted Bunting lifespan= 11 yrs.
    5) 0, but the cardamom/chili/horseradish sounds quite tasty!
    6) The math is extremely involved but the practical answer is very improbable of being accomplished at all!
    7) Nothing you CAN do, at all! A result of God’s perfect love!

  6. AND GIVE THAT MAN A PINK, CANDY CIGAR! And if you like the idea of cooking up a tasty cardamom/chili pepper/ and horseradish pie I will invite you over for dinner one evening! The older I get and the maturerererer I get the sickerererer my sense of humor becomes. I think it has something to do with my associates and an over abundance of idiot molecules. I have concluded that you are right, Papa God’s love is extra, extra, extra special. Blessings on you pal, Chaz

  7. Well, I tried to use a calculator, and after adding, subtracting, and other math, the best answer I could come up with… 6,042 pounds of feathers! Which, if they are white, that would be the exact weight and color of my Honda Minivan, which is outside cover with snow and looks like a giant snowball! Now, what is my IQ? Or, do I even have one?

  8. Donald, well done my friend! You have managed to confuse, obfuscate, compound, and bewilder the issue to an impossible, improbable, and illogical degree never reached before and most likely unlikely to ever be reached, attained, achieved, or arrived at again! Bless you old son, Chaz
    P.S. Your answer implies that white feathers are heavier than black feathers in which case you are probably only a few bananas shy of a bunch and thus qualify for 1000 lbs of our very best…! Congratulations. C
    P.P.S. And this is the best reply I can come up with at 5:05 in the AM?

  9. Kudos to those who did the puzzle questions! I didn’t muster up the gumption to try, except for numbers 2 and 3. Thanks for the interesting challenge, though. Really like the prayer at the end. Much needed!

  10. Kristin, as I am sure you realize the questions are all tongue in cheek except #7. The word tells us that salvation is a free gift to all, and isn’t that good because no way could we pay the price if it was otherwise. What wonderful love Papa God has shown each of us. To imagine that He loves you so much! No, it is a thing beyond our imagining, beyond our wildest dreams. You are so precious to Jesus my dear friend. You are His special child, His very own and he adores you. He would give all to be able to spend eternity with you dear Kristin, in fact that is exactly what He did! May you be blessed my dear friend, Chaz

  11. For Don Young, I am guessing you are one of those people who had issues with “word problems” in school! Chuck asked for an answer in units of time, not weight! I do salute you however because you seem to have accomplished something physicists have thought impossible! I am speaking about finding an extra 5,942 lbs of feathers which I believe must be accomplished only by altering the gravitational constant of the universe or has something to do with exceeding the speed of light!I would have to guess if you managed either of those, your IQ probably astoundingly high!
    God’s most abundant blessing on you my new friend, and do not lose that calculator!!!

  12. Richard my old, old old, friend, the depth of your thinking astounds me, but then, cogitating on it some, and stating the obvious, it doesn’t take much to astound me any more. You guys have frambulated my syngamometer and caused my clamshell pithooter to slam shut. The only thing I am sure of is that Papa God is patient to the umph degree and if His love could be measured in pounds it would take one humungous calculator to arrive at the right answer and even then it would likely be off by about a zillion trillion. Blessings on you old, old, old, old, old, friend. Chaz

  13. First, thanks for all the ” olds”! Second, how many, excepting doctors, will recognize the technical name for a blood pressure cuff? Third I apologize about your clamshell pinhooter, I assure you that was not the intended effect! And last I agree that God’s love is the only boundless and unbounded (they are not the same concept!) thing in all of time and space! Blessings and love to you my friend!

  14. Richard, It is a clamshell pithooter, not a clamshell pinhooter! (They, speaking of the two are definitely are the same concept one is lighter then the other) except the fact that one is and the other isn’t. And I apologise, you are definitely not all that oooold. My intent is not mean to confuse. You are a good old boy Richard, Chaz


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