By Allen Brown

You might be good at negotiations and seeking justice, but having a lawyer is essential when it comes to legal matters. Why does one need a lawyer to resolve a claim? You may have encountered this question before, and it’s time you get an answer. A lawyer is educated, skilled, and has experience handling a legal case, including a car accident lawsuit. You may fail to win the case without them because the defendants might have a more vigorous defense or a lawyer you can’t compete with. This article will discuss the main reasons you need a lawyer to solve a car accident claim.

1. They will handle the insurance company for you

You might not have the skills, knowledge, or experience of handling the insurance company at-fault when seeking compensation. Many insurance company agents are highly-skilled, have knowledge and some even have “tricks” to make you accept the minimal payout for your case. Without a lawyer, your negotiation skills may feel helpless against these professionals, and you might end up getting a raw deal. There are some insurance companies that will “play games” with you, and you could end up with no compensation at all. A competent attorney will do everything they can to ensure you get whatever you legally deserve for your case. According to an auto injury lawyer Detroit, the attorney will help negotiate with the insurance company, handle the claims, put forward written or verbal communication to your advantage, and present your best interest to see you getting compensated to the last penny. Through their many years in practice, lawyers do not easily succumb to pressure and will take the matter head-on to the end.

2. They will prove liability to the injuries

One of the most challenging tasks to complete in order to get compensated is to prove how the other party caused an accident and how it led to your injuries. Many people fail along the way with this. If you can’t prove that the other party caused the accident and that it resulted in injuries, you might quickly lose the case. The good thing about injury lawyers is that they are highly experienced in getting the evidence. Through their experience they know where and how to best gather evidence, including consulting with medical experts to validate your injuries, get all your medical reports, and reconstruct the accident scene can best support your claims. They will also get the police report and interview witnesses before choosing the best to represent you. All these things prove extremely difficult for an ordinary person without professional experience in this, thus making it even more necessary to get a lawyer.

3. Determines the value for your injuries

How much are your injuries worth? If you don’t know the real value, any insurance company might convince you to accept any amount for your compensation. Often enough, the amount stated is way below what you should get compensated. Through their experience, attorneys will check on your present and future situation and determine how much you should ask for your compensation. They will make sure you are compensated for the pain, suffering, damages, and loss of time, wages, and anything else you deserve. They will ensure that everything you lost during and after the accident is fully compensated.

4. They will file for a lawsuit if necessary

Sometimes, your insurance company might fail to pay the agreed amount or fail to pay entirely. This situation will call for a court case, where you file a case to let the court decide on your compensation. How well do you know this process? Not many people are conversant with this step. An injury lawyer will help you negotiate with the at-fault insurance company and take the matter to court if they disagree on your compensation. They will collect more evidence, make discoveries, and get other documents required for the filing to ensure the process is successful. Other than this, they will help you with proceedings through to the conclusion.

5. Explains the laws and regulations applying to your claim

Did you know that every claim has its laws and regulations? You might not understand this, but your lawyer does and will help explain the same to you to ensure you follow the guidelines. They will also uphold the insurance company at fault to act in good faith, as per the law, and ensure they honor the agreed contract. They will ensure that your case is held accountable through their knowledge and skills, and all presentations are made as required. You play your part until you are fully compensated.

Many accident circumstances make sense for you to seek attorney’s services. Some of these include suffering injuries in the collision, when liability is contested, when the insurance company fails to pay, when you don’t have the required medical documents, and much more. To be sure of winning your case, it’s better to keep an attorney on speed dial anytime you suffer misfortune.


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