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By Allen Brown

One of the essential insoluble proteins in the human body is collagen. It accounts for up to a third of the protein in the body. The body naturally produces collagen, but as we age, this production slows down significantly. One of the signs that the body’s collagen production has gone down is that the skin loses its elasticity, and the result is wrinkling. But how exactly does this protein help the body? 

In this article, we discuss why collagen is essential for human health.

It Improves the Health of the Skin

It is common to find women and men who take collagen supplements for the health of their skin. Collagen strengthens the skin and also improves hydration and elasticity. This is a positive effect because, as you age, the body’s collagen production decreases, producing wrinkles and increasing dryness. Women lose up to 30% of their collagen within five years of menopause, and the intake of collagen supplements helps reduce this decline. However, to get collagen’s full benefits, you need to get the right supplements for your health. Experts from recommend that you get a supplement only after extensive research. In this way, you can be sure that you are filling the gap using the right products. An excellent way to start is to choose products that have a good reputation.

Supports and Restores Weak Joints

Up to 240 million people around the globe suffer from joint issues. Some of the most common joint problems include tender and stiff joints. While there are non-steroidal anti-inflammatories and over-the-counter drugs that can help fight mild joint conditions, they have adverse effects in the long-run. As a supplement, collagen does more for the body with no side effects. These supplements can help improve joint health as age and pressure from everyday activities begin to take a toll on the cartilage. Collagen peptides are bioactive and can be easily absorbed by the body. In turn, this triggers collagen production in the body and eventually reduces inflammation in the joints. In this way, the users of the supplements experience better mobility and less joint pain.

Acts as a Building Block of the Body

Collagen, as we mentioned above, is one of the most abundant proteins in the body. It plays a role in adding elasticity to cartilage, tendons, bones, and ligaments. The protein also helps to support the skin, which is why it looks supple and wrinkle-free. It increases bone density and strength by inhibiting bone resorption rate and inducing the formation of bones. Calcium also attaches to collagen, which means it helps re-absorption and retain high levels of calcium in the body. In this way, collagen preserves bone strength.

Support for the Hair, Skin, and Nails 

Type 5 collagen is a natural antioxidant, which means that it plays a role in the regeneration of follicles and hair growth. While there are other hair loss causes, supplementing your diet with collagen pills can help keep the hair healthy and help regrow it. Remember, regeneration starts from the inside. Collagen also plays a role in keeping your skin and nails healthy, thanks to its plenty of amino-acids. It works together with hyaluronic acid components to promote the regeneration, moisturization, and support of the skin. Therefore, it is essential for the health of the dermis and the surrounding follicles. It supports the skin vessels as well, which allows nutrients to diffuse better into the strands. You can use collagen to help with the growth of healthy nails too.

Improves Digestive Function and Improves Metabolism

Apart from the incredible benefits, we have already noted above, collagen supplements may help your digestive tract. If you are deficient in collagen, your digestive tract may be susceptible to inflammatory bowel and leaky gut syndrome. Therefore, taking supplements can help to reinforce the integrity of the gut.

Collagen improves metabolism because it makes for more effective workouts, which enables the build-up of new muscles. The blood vessels in the new muscles need blood, which leads to a faster metabolism. This means that any food you eat will be used almost right away, and there will be less fat stored within the body.

Collagen is an essential structural component and protein in the body. However, it plays many more roles in the body. It can help improve metabolism and digestion, keeps the hair, skin, and nails healthy, and helps curb joint problems. As humans age, collagen production in the body reduces. To handle this reduction, you should take collagen supplements.


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