By Allen Brown

If we’re honest, nobody is particularly enthused by the idea of aging and dying. While thinking about our own death often spurs feelings of fear, anxiety, and dis-empowerment, it’s not all doom and despair—pondering mortality can in fact have positive outcomes that will help us lead more rewarding and accomplished lives.

In the following guide, we flesh out some of the ways death awareness can actually be beneficial and enable you to live out the most fulfilling life possible.

Grants Motivation

Over the last few decades, a dominant theory relating to mortality awareness has often concluded that thinking about death is dangerous, destructive, and fuels violence, prejudice, and greed (according to terror management theory). These studies consistently focused on the negative consequences of death awareness, rather than how we as human beings stand to benefit from it. However, more recent research has demonstrated that embracing our own mortality can be a formidable motivation to adopt healthier attitudes and habits, put harmful behaviors aside, and promote our own well-being now and in the future.

Re-prioritizing Goals and Values

Invariably, many of us will come to realize that our lives haven’t turned out the way we’d expected, at one point or another. This can effectively hinder our need and ability to grow and emancipate ourselves. In that regard, embracing the idea that our existence will one day stop can be a major thrust to help us reevaluate our lives, rethink our ways, set new goals, and focus on what truly matters. The funeral service experts at even believe this could be an opportunity to look into what type of custom cremation urn you’d like to rest in. This is a unique way to be remembered by your relatives and loved ones. So, in essence, the earlier you realize that you’re not immortal, the more equipped and ready you’ll be to advance through life happily and productively.

Psychological Growth

In a similar vein, recent studies now suggest that acknowledging our mortality can be beneficial in helping us cope with a host of traumatic experiences and conditions. As a matter of fact, embracing the idea that we will cease to live can be immensely useful in managing negative self-image, thoughts, and behaviors, and make us stronger mentally and physiologically. Those who suffer in ongoing ways, such as from chronic anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), among other serious conditions, often find little joy or happiness in life. Sometimes realizing that the pain won’t last forever can deliver a much-appreciated boost, knowing there is an end in sight. Death awareness can also be one of the best remedies against laziness and procrastination, when realizing time is short to do and experience the life you want here on earth.


Embracing mortality is one of the most essential tenets of spirituality and reaching enlightenment. When you realize and more fully embrace that your days are numbered, you’ll be able to better let go of futile and inconsequential ways of living, letting go of things that eat up your energy and concentration. Coming to terms with the fact that you’ll pass away eventually allows you to be better grounded and live more fully in the moment. This should help you realize that time is only ephemeral, and encourage you to spend it more wisely and towards more fulfilling objectives. If you’re interested, seek out specialized spiritual guidance books or classes to tap into your inner potential for a better and happier life.

Leaving a Legacy

For many, the point of our existence on Earth is to do good things and deeds that we’ll be remembered by once we’re gone. For instance, getting married, raising children, starting a business venture, contributing to charity, or producing art can help us feel accomplished and satisfied. These endeavors are more readily embraced when we realize that death is inevitable and that we must put our time, efforts, and health into making a genuine impact on the world. Of course, these accomplishments will largely depend on a person’s interests, motivation, talents, and skills, but embracing the concept of mortality is the primary impetus that will enable you to go out there and contribute to society in positive ways.

All things considered, constantly worrying about death can do more harm than good. In truth, the people who fear their own mortality naturally inhibit their own potential for an eventful life and for taking risks, becoming mere spectators of their existence. Instead, accepting the fact that we all will face death at some point is a necessary realization that will enable us to lead the life we want to lead. It certainly isn’t an easy endeavor, but death awareness can and does provide the motivation to undertake new projects, make better decisions, heal psychologically, and much more. Focus on what you want to leave behind rather than consider all the things you’ll be missing. 


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