Political Opinion/Analysis

Good morning Apopka. Welcome to Primary Election Day 2018. We are 70 days from the General Election on November 6th, but what happens today will shape the political direction voters are taking in Washington DC, Tallahassee, Orange County and Apopka.

This is the seventh Election Day event The Apopka Voice will cover, and expect no less than comprehensive reporting beginning at sunrise and ending only when the last ballot is counted.

Back in April, there were just two names on the ballot and one race for the Apopka City Commission. Today there are several primary matchups. We will publish results of all the elections on Apopka ballots as soon as they are known, but we will be focusing on two elections – the Orange County Public School Board District 7 election and the Board of County Commissioners District 2 race. These two races are expected to be close and seem to have captured the intrigue of Apopka both in signage and social media.

Rain or shine, it should be an exciting day. Be sure to get out and vote if you haven’t already.

Stay with The Apopka Voice all day for wall-to-wall coverage of the elections. There will be published features of candidates, on-site updates from the polling places…plus election results as soon as they are known beginning at 7:00 PM.

And check back tomorrow for analysis of the races, who won, who lost, why, and what lies ahead for the General Election in November as it relates to the voters and citizens of Apopka. So grab a steaming hot cup of coffee, settle in and watch democracy in action.


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