Good morning Apopka and welcome to Election Day 2018!

By the end of the evening or possibly early morning Wednesday we will have a new governor, a new school board member and a new county commissioner representing the Apopka area. We will know who controls the House, the Senate, the Legislature and who will represent us in those three great bodies.

The Apopka Voice will focus on three local elections –  the County Commission Seat #2 matchup between Christine Moore and Patricia Rumph, the OCPS Board Seat #7 race between Melissa Byrd and Eric Schwalbach, and the State House District 31 contest between incumbent Jennifer Sullivan and Debra Kaplan. But, if there are breaking developments on a state or national election during the day, we will cover that too.

Early voting and mail-in ballots have come in at a rapid pace, and tomorrow’s turnout has the potential to be a record-breaking midterm in Florida and throughout the nation. 36-million have voted nationally, five-million in Florida, and over 300,000 in Orange County.

It’s going to be a beautiful day Apopka. The sun is shining. No rain in the forecast. Temperatures between 68-86 degrees. So grab a cup of coffee, maybe some breakfast, then head to your polling place and vote if you haven’t already.

And stay with The Apopka Voice all day for wall-to-wall coverage of the elections. There will be features on the candidates, amendment analysis, plus on-site updates, breaking news, and election results as soon as they are known after 7 PM.


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