City Council Preview: 

APD bringing 3D laser technology to replicate crime scenes

 From the City of Apopka

The Apopka Police Department is adding advanced technology from a Central Florida company to make precisely measured replicas of investigation scenes.

The 3D laser scanner from Lake Mary-based technology firm Faro is the latest tool used by law enforcement agencies around the world to quickly and accurately measure and replicate crime scenes, vehicle crashes and other locations with exact detail. Apopka police crime scene technicians recently completed training to utilize the new device, which they will demonstrate to the Apopka City Council at a meeting set for 1:30 p.m. today at City Hall, 120 E. Main St.

The Faro Focus3D easily sets up on a tripod and rotates to scan its environment with a laser and camera. Several scans are used to replicate an area – even providing recreations in three dimensions that can be viewed from almost any angle.

Each scan takes millions of readings in about 7 minutes, which also allows fast data collection that is important during police investigations. The scans are loaded into a software program that pieces them together into a virtual replica of the investigation scene.

The APD utilizes technology like the 3D scanner to assist with evidence gathering and to create more accurate and effective reports for law enforcement and prosecution. The department utilized federal grants in recent years to acquire video cameras worn by officers. Faro’s 3D scanning also is used at other law enforcement agencies such as Altamonte Springs, Winter Park and Osceola County.


  1. I watched the demo today at the Apopka City Council meeting. The 3-D laser scanner camera was pretty cool. Someone had used the old Edward Field grandstands as the subject matter that was scanned, as an example of its usage. It moved around and around the grandstands, and focused on the stands at various points. This was shown to the audience on the big screen. This demo was on the council agenda several items before the item of the Edward Field Grandstand update under Business (Action Item)…..they are going to demolish the stands and build a memorial for $ 75, 000 dollars. I wanted to ask the council a question about the memorial of the grandstands, and I was waiting for them to ask for public comment after their discussion but it NEVER happened as they then took their council votes to proceed. I thought they were SUPPOSE to call for the public’s comments, before such a vote……..maybe I am wrong, but it sure seemed that way to me!

  2. The Apopka City Council also had a 3- to 1 vote in favor (Commissioner Dean was absent today) of selling the Marshall Lake property that the city is going to sell for homes to be built, and it is going to be sold for approx. 3.2 million dollars for 103 acres. With Commissioner Bankson voting NO…… The property was bought awhile back several years ago, 2011, I think, by the city for 5 million dollars!!!!!!!!!!……here we go again…….!!!!! A BIG LOSS!!! So get ready for maybe up to 5 homes per acre, and you can easily figure just how many homes that is!!! We should rename our city…..Traffic City USA!

  3. Plus,, also learned today at the Apopka City Council ……the Kelly Park Crossing project, first phase, is going from 7000 car trips per day, in that area, to over 17, 000 car trips per day, in that area!!! Get ready for the traffic nightmare!!! ” Apopka Traffic City USA”….!!!!

  4. I am just now viewing the memorial renderings for the Edward Field Grandstands on the City of Apopka’s website at……OMG, that rendering of the memorial is freaky looking!!!! Are you people serious????? In fact, it is plum scary!!!! Who drew that thing up?????? Yikes!!! Those people on the memorial busts look like they are aliens from another planet!!!

  5. Check it out…..those freaky Edwards Field Grandstand memorial drawings are on the packet of today’s City Council meeting and you can see them by going to …..agenda of council meetings, then download the packet of today’s council meeting….looks almost like a” Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” subject matter….LOL…..OMG!!!

  6. I hope Apopka citizens took the time to check out the drawings of the memorial to honor Apopka’s history of the Edwards Field and grandstands…..yes, just look at what is on one of the busts, that is of a ball player to be on the memorial to honor Apopka’s history….the words “.St. Louis” written across his shirt, NOT APOPKA!!! How stupid is that???? How totally ridiculous! I am actually surprised it didn’t have NY written across his shirt. Where are our Apopka council members heads? Up in the clouds?????

  7. Heidi Loch, I read your posting on Apopka Voice Facebook about a lack of respect toward you, during a police investigation, and with your husband in his last hour on earth. Let me say, I am so sorry for the loss of your husband. I don’t know the circumstances of your husband’s passing, or even why the police were there, but it doesn’t matter, you deserved to be treated with respect. I don’t know why there are such insensitive people, and why they are just rushing around, and not really taking into account how family members feel in such situations, who are stressed out, extremely hurt, and traumatized……I hope you are doing better, and again, I am so sorry for the loss of your husband. Prayers to you.


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