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Back to School 2017

From Orange County Public Schools

Today, 208,000 students will head to classes in Orange County Public Schools. The first two weeks of school is a very active time and can create significant traffic issues, so OCPS and law enforcement join together to encourage parents to follow these tips:

• Walk or ride bikes with your children to school to establish routes that are well-known by you and your children.

• You may also want to join with other neighbors to do a Walking School Bus program for your children to join together and walk in groups. If you’d like to learn about it, check

• If you are eligible for school bus transportation, please use it! The average ride time for our students is 26 minutes, and we have one of the best safety records in the country!

• If you must drive, please carpool with other parents to decrease the number of cars arriving at the same time, or park a couple blocks away and walk with your child to school to cut down on congestion.

• Motorists please take caution, especially around our schools and school buses. Fines for going around a school bus or not stopping for a pedestrian in a crosswalk are high.

• Obey crossing guards. OCPS partner agencies play an important role in creating a safe walk to school by hiring these crossing guards to help our students cross busy roads and highways.


  1. I saw the sign at Dream Lake Elementary lit last night after dark welcoming school starting. The red apple displayed looked so attractive lit up in the dark, as we passed by on Park. Avenue. I like the US flag on the new sign at Apopka High at Vick when I come up through there driving north on Vick that looks like it waves. So pretty in the dark and shines so brightly. Wish the school would display the flag more often on the sign there at the Apopka High after dark.

  2. I see some Apopka Police presence at Apopka High. I hope they keep this up and it is not just a first day thing. I remember when I addressed the Apopka City Council previously about the school traffic chaos along in front of Apopka High School and that someone was going to get ran over and killed with all the traffic flying in and out of the school, cars backing up, and students walking in and out in between cars, and the constant stopping to let out students and that it was a nightmare, and something needed to be done, I was told by the mayor that the police had other priorities. I swear I am telling the truth. I don’t know why that my complaint was answered like that. Is 3000 plus teenaged newbie drivers headed to and from high school driving like maniacs in the residential neighborhoods where kids and people are on foot not a priority??? I guess it was because I wasn’t a big-wig, a “professional” maybe……???

  3. I know I have seen at least two cars upside down wrecked in this school area. One in a resident’s yard on the corner upside down. One sitting on the sidewalk upside down where all the school kids walk to school……….that is not accounting for all the other regular fender-benders, I have seen. Just referring to the upside down cars. How can you end up upside down if you are driving in line bumper to bumper? I certainly can’t explain it. It happened though. I have learned that you can expect the unexpected from the high school drivers around here. Sheer madness!

  4. Also does anybody know what happened to the masonry block home along the frontage of Apopka Elementary on the same side that the entire block wall is knocked out on the east side of the home, and that has an orange sticker attached to the front of the home? Did a vehicle knock that wall out, or is it a remodel job of some sort? Let me just say I hope that was an intended renovation project!

  5. I want to give a giant salute to the Apopka High Blue Darter band members who are practicing out in the high school broiling parking lot. Those kids are the best, and giving it their all in that sizzling asphalt lot out there, just for our entertainment sake, marching around and blowing on musical instruments, …. I am surprised they haven’t fell out yet, no matter how many bottles of water they have downed! I extend to you all a big SALUTE, as if it had of been me out there, I would have already fell out from the heat! Sounding great……!!! #Apopka Proud!

  6. A big salute to the Boy Scouts who are working on their eagle scout badges to do work on projects helping our city. When I heard the projects they want to complete, I wanted to dance an Irish jig and hug their necks! Especially when I heard one of them plans to clean up an area of the CATTAILS AT DREAM LAKE!!!!! OMG, I am jumping for joy! This boy is actually planning on going where no man has gone lately! LOL… Plus other great projects involved too, around our town, like building a new wooden bridge at Dream Lake Park, cleaning the canal out, leveling the brick pathways there, pressure cleaning the picnic tables and repainting them, and something new, building mini-library stations around the city…..a big SALUTE to you all!!!! I never thought we would see another bridge built back after the vehicle damaged the old one….#Apopka Proud!

  7. I believe the figure I heard from the boy scout that is going to build a new wooden bridge at Dream Lake Park is estimated at $ 1, 500 dollars, that is, if I heard him correctly. This is money he intends to fundraise for. As I said, if I heard that amount correctly. Isn’t that great? If the city had of intended to re- build a bridge, OMG, it would probably been way way more….LOL. I want to personally thank the pledger of the $ 500.00 donation that has been offered to the boy scouts from a group that Mr. Rod Love spoke of, thank you so much, that is great! I didn’t catch the name of the group, only heard the word, Consortium, I think, (?????) anyway, Rod, if you see this, please correct the group’s name. Thanks. #Apopka Proud!

  8. What happened to the presentation that Rick Singh was going to give on the agenda about property tax talk???? I wanted to hear about it. It disappeared from the agenda.


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