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District staff continue to monitor rainfall and groundwater levels to ensure adequate supply for public demand but emphasize the importance of using water wisely. more
According to the map, Apopka has a high risk of wildfire—higher than 84% of communities in the US, while Orange County has a VERY high risk, higher than 94% of other counties in the US. more
With prolonged exposure to extreme heat, your body is more at risk for experiencing heat exhaustion or heat stroke. more
Globally, each of the past 13 months has been the hottest on record for that month, including the hottest June, according to the European Union’s Copernicus climate service. more
Monitored 24/7, the water produced in the County’s facilities meets or exceeds state and federal standards. At just over $1 for the first 1,000 gallons, it’s an excellent and cost-effective source for emergency supplies that don’t add plastic waste to the environment. more
Hurricane Beryl’s strength and rapid intensification were unusual for a storm so early in the season. That is especially alarming as forecasters expect an exceptionally active Atlantic hurricane season. more
Imagine a world without traffic signals; it's a scene of potential chaos. During power outages, stoplights often malfunction, causing mayhem for drivers and pedestrians. more
More than 1,100 tornadoes were reported through May − a preliminary number but nearly twice the 30-year average at that point and behind only 2011, when deadly tornado outbreaks tore across the southeastern United States. more
If you believe you are the victim of a scam, report it immediately to your local police or sheriff's department or contact Florida’s Office of the Attorney General. more
Each year in the United States, lightning strikes around 37 million times. It kills 21 people a year in the U.S. on average. Baseball fans clear the stands as lightning strikes near the Colorado Rockies’ stadium in … more
Typically, heat domes are tied to the behavior of the jet stream, a band of fast winds high in the atmosphere that generally runs west to east. more
Orange County Government and the Office of Emergency Management will host the 2024 Hurricane Expo on Saturday, June 15th. more
May saw sparse and uneven rainfall, with all counties receiving less than their monthly average. The deficit was nearly two inches in some areas. more
Ocean temperatures have been heating up over the past century, and hitting record highs for much of the past year, driven primarily by the rise in greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels more
Take the opportunity this Hurricane Season to prepare by selecting the appropriate energy source for your home or business: the direct use of natural gas. Here's the difference it can make in a hurricane. more
Humidity doesn’t just make you feel sticky and uncomfortable – it also creates extra dangerous conditions on hot days. Together, too much heat and humidity can make you sick. And in severe cases, it can cause your body to shut down. more
Farm Share has launched a new disaster relief web page with information on hurricane supplies, upcoming food and hurricane supplies distribution events, and the organization’s disaster preparation and response efforts.  more
If the National Hurricane Center’s early forecast is right, the North Atlantic could see 17 to 25 named storms, eight to 13 hurricanes, and four to seven major hurricanes by the end of November. That’s the highest number of named storms in any NOAA preseason forecast. more
Studies show areas with intact natural defenses, such as dunes, wetlands, and marshes, experienced less damage than areas where such features had been degraded or removed. more
UF/IFAS experts have created a simple-to-follow checklist for hurricane preparedness steps to prepare for this year’s busy hurricane season. more
According to the survey, nearly a quarter of Florida residents (23%) do NOT make advanced preparations for hurricane season or severe weather. more
Forecasters predict above-normal hurricane activity in the Atlantic basin this year, with 17 to 25 named storms. 8 to 13 are forecasted to be hurricanes, including 4 to 7 major hurricanes—meaning a category 3, 4, or 5. more
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts between 17 and 25 named storms this summer and fall, with eight to 13 achieving hurricane status. more
The Census Bureau estimates that nearly 2.5 million Americans had to leave their homes because of disasters in 2023, whether for a short period or much longer. more
The Orange County Emergency Operations Center got a major upgrade to provide everything necessary to ensure exceptional operations. more
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