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  Apopka is so excited to bring the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall to Kit Land Nelson Park on Park Avenue this Wednesday.  Below you will find more details about the route and the ceremony:

Timeline for Procession:

At 10:00 a.m., the procession for the wall will start at the Orlando North Airport on 441 in Zellwood and head south on 441 turning onto Vick Rd where Apopka Elementary kids will be waving American flags as the wall passes by. It will continue to Martin Street and turn right going past Apopka High School where the high school students will do the same. It will continue east on Martin to Park Ave and turn right going by both Dream Lake Elementary and Apopka Middle where the kids will also be waving American flags. It will continue down Park Ave to Oak Street (a half a mile away) where a fire truck with a huge American flag will be positioned. As the procession makes the turn onto Oak, the water cannons from firetrucks will be shooting water into the air. It will continue down Oak and take a right into the Park to set up the wall at Kit Land Nelson Park.  

Afternoon events:

There will be a Navy helicopter flyover at 5:00 p.m. at Kit Land Nelson Park.  At 5:30 p.m., the Apopka High School band will be playing patriotic songs leading up to the evening ceremony. 

Opening Ceremony:

At 6:00 p.m. in Kit Land Nelson Park there be a ceremony to honor our veterans including our Vietnam veterans near the Gazebo in the center of the park.  Participants can view the wall as well as the American Flag Honor Walk, which has 125 flags lining the path leading to the wall.

The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall is 3/5ththe scale of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C.  It stands six feet tall at the center and covers almost 300 feet from end to end.  This traveling memorial stands as a reminder of the great sacrifices made during the Vietnam War and allows people the opportunity to visit loved ones in their hometown who otherwise may not be able to make the trip to Washington. We would like to thank the Apopka Rotary for making this event possible.


  1. We sat in our folding chairs on Martin Street across from one of the Apopka High School gates, right here practically at our home, to welcome the Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall. Although the occasion is a somber one, it was exciting to welcome the processional, but also important to let our veterans know that we appreciate their service to our country, as some gave all. I saw many people I knew in the processional. My dog, Joey, always gets scared around loud motorcycles, and his daddy had to hold him, and get him out of his stroller, as the motorcycle clubs were riding along with the processional. Man, I haven’t seen cars go that fast along Martin Street in ages! The Corvette cars were punching it, and I was going to get photos, but all I saw was flashes, as they were MOVING ON!!! LOL It still blows my mind, that of all the places in this big country of ours, all the thousands and thousands of acres and acres, all the various states, this traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall comes right up by our own house! God Bless America! We were proud to welcome the wall, and proud of our veterans! I do get emotional about it though, when I think of all that it represents. I had to send my husband back to our truck, in our yard, to get some mosquito spray, as I wasn’t counting on the blood- hungry mosquitoes coming out of the woods after us!

  2. it was a pleasure and honor to be part of the honor escort of the wall. Representing for my Family and My husband and His Family. All branches of service covered by all

  3. We attended the city council meeting today, although we left somewhat early to go get something to eat, and check in on Joey, as he has a bad heart condition, and sometimes spins too much, and gets stressed when left at home alone. I decided to watch the council meeting in person today, as I have been having trouble getting the audios up of the council meetings, that I have missed lately. I go to as usual, log onto meetings and agendas, get up the agendas to the dates I want to listen, the film reel icon is there, and it says to click on the link to what you want to listen to and NOTHING LOADS UP, NOTHING HAPPENS! Is it just me, am I a computer dork, or what gives? I am using browsers that have worked in the past? Where the city hall building used to show up, it is blank…..I wonder if anyone else is having this problem? ………

  4. You city slickers do want us to be able to listen to the city council meetings don’t you all? Oh well, I will give everyone a low- down on today’s city council meeting in a nutshell…..City of Apopka is getting into the fertilizer manufacturing business. They are going to dry out the poo-poo and turn it into poo-poo doo-doo pellets and make fertilizer. I’m not kidding. Then they will have an endless supply of fertilizer to spread on whatever they want to green up…..the city council initiated a proposed new study for water rates, to fish for a water rate increase, and the city has been named a purple heart city, due to our city’s acknowledgement of veteran programs. Also, the city is going to spend ten thousand dollars on a herbicide of only 5 gallons, to apply to Lake McCoy, to kill the invasive hydrilla weeds taking over, at the county’s request, to share the costs with the county. I wonder how they know what part of the private lake is city, and what part county? The mayor abstained from the vote, for the record. Darn, I WISH it was to kill off the cattails blocking the frontage of Dream Lake, but a no- go for Dream Lake cattails. More luxury apartments coming, and more, more, more everything else……hope you all get the audio of the council, when it is” supposedly” posted, as I can’t seem to get them anymore.

  5. Tonight’s events for the Traveling Vietnam Wall, was Amazing..So very moving, and respectful..Thank You for Loving Our Vets and Our flag.. God Bless this Amazing Country and the Hero’s that keep it safe and Free.. Freedom is Not free.. So much sacrifice..

  6. It was an honor to ride my bike in the procession! The turn out was absolutely amazing! Really enjoyed seeing all of the kids from the schools standing along the fence line waving flags and cheering on the event!

  7. The wall is there until 8:00 pm Sunday and it is open 24 hours per day with lighting and security and people there to help you find names on the wall.


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