Decision Apopka 2018

514 votes cast in Seat #2 contest

Apopka City Commissioner Diane Velazquez won The Apopka Voice reader’s Poll for Seat #2 over the weekend with just under 60% of the vote. Over 500 readers responded in the unscientific, 3-day poll. Velazquez received 307 votes (59.7%), followed by Leroy Bell with 130 votes (25.3%). and Alicia Koutsoulieris 77 votes (15%).

“First, let me wish everyone a healthy and joyful Christmas, along with a prosperous New Year,” said Velazquez. “The holidays are times we dedicate and share with family, friends, and neighbors in the spirit of good will. In reference to those that took the time out to vote in the poll for Seat # 2, of the Apopka City Council, I would like to express my appreciation and convey to those that voted that voting is a right we should cherish and always exercise. As you are all aware, I’m running for re-election, and I’m aware that the residents of Apopka, to include business people and visitors are paying attention to the growth of the city. One of the reasons I’m running for reelection is to “continue” to work with the city administration and staff in making Apopka a city that many would like to call “home.” By taking the time out to cast your vote with The Apopka Voice, you have demonstrated the interest you have in the community. One of my platforms when I originally ran for seat # 2, was to have everyone who desired participate in the business of the community and local government, and I’m very happy to say, this has occurred and the interest is ever increasing. Again, thank you for your support.”

The 59.7% of the vote total amassed by Velazquez represents a margin of victory large enough to avoid a runoff in the March 13th election.

The Apopka Voice Reader’s Poll Results:

Apopka City Commission Seat #2:

Commissioner Diane Velazquez 307 (59.7%)

Leroy Bell 130 (25.3%)

Alicia Koutsoulieris 77 (15%)

In the Reader’s Poll conducted on December 1st-4th, Orange County Commissioner Bryan Nelson defeated Apopka Mayor Joe Kilsheimer with 454 votes (55.9%). Kilsheimer received 357 votes (44.1%).

Suzanne Kidd won the Apopka City Commission Seat #1 poll taken the same weekend as the Mayoral poll. Kidd received 270 votes (37.5%), followed by Gene Knight with 194 (26.9%), Alexander Smith with 140 votes (19.4%), and Theresa Mott with 116 (16.1%).


  1. I think the two challengers did very well considering they are new candidates on the scene. Who knows? In fact, there could be a run-off here for Seat 2!

  2. When can the voters view the campaign donation list that Commissioner Velazquez has received??? I want to inspect that list with a magnifying glass!….LOL

  3. All I know is this: There were some mighty unhappy people who opposed having a “junkyard” of sorts, on a main artery leading into this city…not what they believed our city should approve of. There was opposition, but just look now…..there it is!


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