From the Apopka Police Department

On Tuesday evening at 7:45 pm, the Apopka Police Department responded to a fatal traffic crash at the intersection of North Park Avenue and East Nightingale Street. Upon the Apopka Fire Departments arrival, Delfino Vasquez-Feria, 59, of Apopka was pronounced deceased at the scene. 

Initial reports received indicated a vehicle struck Vasquez-Feria as he was standing in the center turn lane waiting to cross N. Park Ave knocking him into the northbound lanes where he was subsequently struck by two vehicles. 

Investigators with the Apopka Police Department have worked throughout the day on this investigation and have determined there was not a third vehicle that fled the scene of the accident. The two vehicles that remained on the scene are the primary and secondary vehicles involved in the crash. 

This is a breaking story, and these are all the details released at this time by the APD. As more information is learned, The Apopka Voice will update this story.


  1. As someone who used to walk constantly up and down Park Avenue, and on down Rock Springs Road, and uptown too, I noticed others who walked all around too. I am thinking about this man that was killed, getting struck by a vehicle, and I think I know who he was. I didn’t know his name, the man I am talking about, but I saw him all the time, and passed by him many times on the West Orange Trail. Yes, I am pretty sure, I know by his walking, and by his heading over to the area, and streets there, near where he was hit crossing Park Av. I am not the best judge of guessing the ages of people, but I would venture to say this man was about 59, and he was Hispanic, the one, I believe, that I think is the man that was killed. If I never see his photo in a obit, or if I never see this man walking again down Park Avenue, I will assume it was him, who was killed. I almost got killed myself, two different times, and the last time, I said to myself, no more, it is not worth it to me to walk anymore. I was standing on the northeast corner in front of the Baldwin Fairchild Funeral Home next to the Post Office, and was attempting to cross Park Avenue to the other side, and then planning to head up Martin St. heading west, to go home. I pushed the walk button, waited for the walk sign, and looked, and it was clear with the walk sign giving the okay to walk, and after I got out past the middle of Park, the vehicles sitting there at Martin St. light, started turning toward Rock Springs, and I was out there, and here came this fast vehicle at me, and I was right in front of their headlight, slightly back, and I freaked out, and jumped back, and avoided getting killed. It was a miracle I didn’t lose my balance and fall. A man was sitting in his car, at the red light heading toward town, and he saw me almost get killed, and waved his hands in the air, and shook his head in disbelief. That did it for me, and I vowed I would never cross at that corner ever again on foot. This was twice, there at that same place, I almost got killed. Then I decided to give up walking around. I walked on home, and was trembling, at how close I was to getting killed. I have some foot issues too, from too much walking, plus not too long ago, suffered torn tendons in my right foot from over- mowing too much, helping my husband mow acres. It happens, so I learned,….and I also have neuropathy, which is constant misery, with no cure. The problem at that intersection is people walk on the walk light, but the ones sitting across the road at Martin waiting for the light to turn, DO NOT YIELD TO THE WALKERS! Is that light supposed to be synced that way, because it does not seem right for the vehicles to get the green light, at the same time the walkers are coming across on the walk sign? I absolutely cringe when I see school kids cross there where I crossed Park Av. to get over to the other side. It is very dangerous place to cross in Apopka, believe me.

  2. I am so sorry this man lost his life there on Park Avenue. May he rest in peace, and prayers to his family, as that was a terrible way to die. I offer prayers to the people who struck him also, as how awful they must feel, and also to anyone walking around this city, because it is so dangerous with all these multiple lanes of traffic uptown on 441, and out on Park and RSR. God help us all.


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