Tijuana Flats opens in Victoria Plaza on Monday at 11:00 AM

On Monday, October 31st, Tijuana Flats — known for its made-to-order, fresh, Tex-Mex fare and vibrant wall art, ceiling tiles and hot sauce bar — will introduce another restaurant in Apopka. Located at 1099 W. Orange Blossom Trail, the new restaurant will employ 35-40 team members to include management, back of house and front of house employees.

“The new site will be a perfect addition to the Central Florida Market. This location will allow us to provide a dining option closer residents living on the west side of Apopka,” said Larry Ryback, Chief Executive Officer.

Additionally, the location will feature energy-efficient equipment and environmentally friendly processes to include:

  • Menus on recycled paper
  • Energy efficient LED Lighting with an average life of 50K hours
  • Environmentally friendly Energy Star rated tankless water heaters *Member of US Green Building Council
  • Water saving toilets that meet the EPA WaterSense criteria
  • Ceiling tile made with up to 55% recycled content
  • Zero VOC paint, certified Greenguard Gold for low chemical emissions
  • Low flow, water conserving faucets that meet the EPA WaterSense criteria
  • Floor tile made with post and pre consumer recycled materials *Member of US Green Building Council
  • E Solutions, energy efficient, eco-conscious walk in cooler condensers
  • Energy Star rated steamer
  • Occupancy sensors and time clocks are used to conserve energy throughout the restaurant
  • Water saving Pre-Rinse unit


The restaurant is 2,500 sq. ft. and has 86 interior dining seats and 36 outdoor patio seats. Guests can sample any of the 15 different hot sauces from the hot sauce bar. The wall mural, a staple at all Tijuana Flats but customized to each location, depicts a scene which may be very familiar to some. We see two Iguanas held up in a hotel room on a hot sauce bender. Don’t worry, there is nothing to fear in this outrageous image, except a potential over indulgence of their favorite “Death Wish” sauces.

To view the Tijuana Flats menu and list of locations, visit www.tijuanaflats.com.



  1. All that energy saving everything is nice in my book, but one. I positively hate the water saver faucets. Some are just too hard to get the water to come on, and when you do manage to get them to come on, it is such a little amount of water that it is ridiculous, and it shuts off before you get your hands washed.


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