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Nine now eligible for municipal elections in March

Gene Knight and Theresa Mott, both candidates for the Apopka City Commission Seat #1, have qualified to run for elected office in the Apopka municipal elections today at City Hall. Knight is a longtime Apopka resident and founder of “Apopka Then and Now” – a local Facebook page that has over 4,700 members. Mott is a 19-year Apopka business owner, and an Apopka native.

Knight and Mott join Suzanne Kidd, and Alexander Smith in the race to replace six-term Commissioner Billie Dean, who announced his retirement from Seat #1 in May. 

Gene Knight

According to Linda Goff, the City Clerk of Apopka, qualifying started Tuesday, January 2nd at noon and concludes Tuesday, January 9th at noon.  There are specific forms that a candidate must file during qualifying.  Those forms are on the City’s website under City Clerk, City Elections and can be found here.  There is also a qualifying fee, (3% filing fee and 1% election assessment based on mayor and city commissioner annual salaries). The Mayor’s qualifying fee is $6,000 and Commissioner is $540.

Theresa Mott

Those who qualify by petition only pay the 1% (of the annual salary) election assessment.

According to the City website election page, a candidate must obtain at least 1% of the total number of registered voters of this geographical area based on the preceding general election’s book closing. The City of Apopka’s total registered voters from the last election, as of book closing, was 27,389. To qualify by petition there would be a total of 274 signatures required.

The Apopka city election will be held on March 13th, 2018.


  1. Congratulations to Theresa and Alexander for qualifying! Good luck and best wishes to you both, this is getting interesting! City Hall is going to have to install one of those sets of revolving doors there at the entrance, there are so many heading to the city clerk’s office and heading back out….LOL

  2. Prayers to the missing fisherman from Apopka, I can only pray that they find him alive, his partner was found alive last night, but is in the hospital, in bad shape. Lake Okeechobee is such a huge body of water, and that wind out there now, and the last few days, has been horrible. I can only think that it got too rough with the winds, and maybe they crashed into something because the wind had the waves roughed up too much, or maybe the boat was taking on too much water from the wind blowing the water over into the boat, and the bilge pump couldn’t keep up emptying it, and partially submerged the boat, and then it crashed into the rocks, along there, that I saw on the video. Plus the cold that can quickly cause your body to lose heat, if you are in the water, in this weather…..I just don’t know, but prayers to the man and his family in Apopka. I will pray for him, for a miracle.

  3. The fisherman, Nik, and his partner may have had some motor trouble and with the motor off, the wind swamped them, as you can’t control the boat with just a trolling motor in that kind of wind…..maybe for awhile, until the battery started dying. It is treacherous to get out in a boat that size, in that kind of weather, in that size of a lake. But it looked like the trolling motor wasn’t down from the video, though……

  4. From the news….a man was shot to death in Apopka today in the 100 block of Chisolm St. They are still actively looking for the shooter. The victim was a black male in his 20s or 30s.


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