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Joins three other candidates in race for Seat #1

Theresa Mott

The race for Seat #1 is getting crowded.

Theresa Mott, an Apopka business owner and member of the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, has confirmed with The Apopka Voice that she will announce her candidacy for Seat #1 on the Apopka City Commission in the coming weeks. Mott will join Suzanne Kidd, Gene Knight, and Alexander Smith in the race to succeed six-term Apopka City Commissioner Billie Dean on the City Commission. Dean announced in May that he will not seek a seventh term.

Mott’s announcement ends several months of speculation about her political intentions for the 2018 Apopka elections. In 2014,¬†Mott ran unsuccessfully for Seat#3 against Linda Laurendeau, and the eventual winner Sam Ruth.

She is the former Chairman of the Board of the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce, and the owner and founder of Professional Executive Services in Apopka, which is an administrative support company that provides secretarial services to small and medium-sized businesses. Mott founded Professional Executive Services in 1998.

Commissioner Diane Velazquez remains unopposed in her candidacy for Seat #2.

This is a breaking news story, and The Apopka Voice will update it as more details are known.


  1. James 1958, you are correct that someone else needs to challenge Commissioner Velazquez’s seat for Apopka City Council. This is what leads to arrogance, when an elected official is not challenged. She is constantly downing fellow Commissioner Doug Bankson, over the city’s budget, and millage rates, arguing, when he is trying to only look out for the city’s reserves in cases of need and emergencies. Commissioner Bankson is doing a great job, and I am thankful he is showing an deep interest in Apopka’s budget and tax rates, to look out for the future, and is not bowing down to other’s commissioner’s influence peddling. Thank you, Commissioner Doug Bankson.

  2. If I did not have to pay ad valorum property taxes on my property and home, I wouldn’t care what the tax millage rate went up to either! Do your homework citizens, and look up on the Orange County Property Tax Records who has got a vested interest in the millage rates, and who has NOT got a more vested interest in the millage tax rates. It is public record. Do your research, and ask yourself some serious questions!

  3. I am reading the Apopka Chief articles……I see that no public spoke at the hearing, for or against the millage tax rate on the final reading that was held at Apopka City Hall Council Meeting. Of course not, this time, because the millage rate was NOT going to go up with the ELECTION upcoming. Also because the rates were not going to change, that late in the season. No surprise there, and because the one that usually stands before the council repeatedly, and pulls for a tax hike has now suddenly become mute, and I am not referring to Theresa either, on any of these postings……..

  4. Let me apologize for my above posting. I meant to say, thank you to Commissioner Bankson for not bowing down to other’s influence, instead of influence peddling…..I did not mean to post influence peddling…..so sorry. I did not mean that at all……….

  5. I really am concerned about everything going up in prices due to the hurricanes. Our property taxes, our property insurances, utilities, water rates, sewer rates, food, healthcare, ……everything. At some point people can’t afford to breathe! It is shocking what my medicines have increased to. The same medicines that were nowhere near that price just last year. People are dealing with a lot of issues due to this hurricane, and under a lot of stress, more than some people realize.

  6. Just heard Sheriff Chitwood is in the hospital recovering from being hit by a boat trailer while the sheriff was out on his bicycle. Sending well wishes to the sheriff, hoping he recovers, and is doing well considering what happened.

  7. A bad lightning storm moving in again, got to get off here…..don’t want lightning coming in while sitting here on the computer. Lightning Capital of the World, we are, you know.

  8. I finally got to hear the first reading of the 2017-2018 city budget meeting that was not previously coming up when I tried to hear the audio of the meeting. It is appalling, in my opinion, to hear that circus! One of the absolute worst meetings in a long time. Mayor Kilsheimer blaming everyone for everything! First blaming Mayor Land and his previous administration, which Mayor K was a part of himself, by sitting on the council, as a commissioner himself, he then placed blame on a financial person, before the current one came in, he blamed Commissioner Bankson for things when he was not even elected on the Apopka City Council! And then, here’s the part that get me the most…… he blames the community or in other words, our citizens! Anyone that lived here is to blame! That’s me, my husband, and who else but the 40,000 plus other citizens in the city here at that time……you people are to blame in this city, for whatever, according to his words on the audio! Yes, listen to the audio….not the last 2017-2018 budget meeting in this Sept. 2017, but the one before the last one, on the audio in this Sept. 2017. Mayor Kilsheimer has lived here what? 35 years, I believe I heard him say once. So he is to blame also, for “legacy issues” according to his way of thinking, whether he admits or not! Go to Apopka.net and click on the icons that look like film reels to listen for yourself!

  9. Blaming our citizens that have lived here, for whatever problems Mayor Kilsheimer has “inherited” from the previous administration….let that sink in a minute! Ridicuous!

  10. Mayor Kilsheimer promised to bury the “hatchet” with the former mayor, but he has still not gotten over what is eating him. He needs to move on from this deep seated grudge! The former mayor is dead! Get over it, you wanted the job of mayor of this city! So you said!

    • It’s easy to blame a dead person they can’t fight back, but we the living can and will at the ballot box,. What happened to all the support Joe used to have, you don’t see anyone donating to his campaign but out of owners, Why?

  11. The mayor claims he is embarrassed by leaky roofs over the firefighters heads in the building they sat in during the hurricane. It was a hurricane for God’s sake! Leaks happen sometimes during hurricanes. It is not something anyone would consider embarrassing! What about over around Cocoa, the police headquarter entire roof blew away!

  12. This in house fighting in our city hall chambers among the Apopka City Council members is ridiculous! I am seriously thinking about attending some other cities council meetings as a guest, and to try to gain some positive perspective on how other city’s run their meetings, to give me some insight into whether this is normal with other cities, where I will have some “gauge” to try to figure out what is “normal” at other city council meetings. This is a circus in this city!


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