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Finding the energy mix that best suits your lifestyle is an important decision every homeowner and business owner must make. And now more than ever, due to an increase in discussions surrounding sustainability in the United States, there’s a heightened focus on choosing clean and environmentally friendly energy sources.

Over the last two years, several U.S. cities – most recently San Jose and Oakland – have proposed and passed legislation to move to an all-electric, single source model that eliminates the use of natural gas entirely. This movement, known as “electrification,” is likely to remain a part of our country’s sustainability conversation for quite some time. However, a recent study from the Renewable Energy Laboratory points to the dangers of this movement and revealed that a pro-electric approach could surge electricity needs in this country to unprecedented levels by 2050. 

A recent opinion piece in the Washington Examiner further illustrates the dangers of this “one-size-fits-all” energy approach. As cities push toward electrification, they often ignore the economic ramifications that follow for its residents. Natural gas bans can negatively impact low-income families and senior citizens, who often live on fixed incomes each month, that are now burdened with higher energy costs – consumers of natural gas save an average of $800 on energy bills annually, as compared to those who use electricity solely.

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At Lake Apopka Natural Gas District (LANGD), our team stresses the importance of consumer choice – and the powerful role education plays in supporting that right – and works to share factual information about the importance of natural gas and its role in building a clean energy future.

According to Forbes, natural gas is the cleanest burning fuel source available and is our nation’s main source of electricity at 40% of generation. So, many Americans are no stranger to the benefits that come with fueling your home or business with natural gas. Many consumers take advantage of natural gas through “direct use,” or the practice of using natural gas directly in homes and businesses, rather than burning it as a generation fuel for electricity.

Dave Schryver of the American Public Gas Association made a great point about how reliable and resilient natural gas is in his recent op-ed for RealClear Energy. He considers how disruptions in electricity, which occur often in pro-electric states like California, have significant cost, health, and safety risks. That is why first responders, hospitals, and senior living facilities rely on the support and security of natural gas generators to keep the lights on and the water hot, no matter what comes their way.

As we continue to work together to build a sustainable energy future, the District and the communities it serves are incredibly grateful to our policymakers for their balanced-energy, consumer-choice approach. This type of governance will ensure our region has the power to choose clean, cost-effective, efficient energy solutions that meet residents’ needs for generations to come.

Looking for the right energy mix for you? Consider making the switch to natural gas and save money in the process. For more information on natural gas service for your home, business or vehicle, please contact the District Marketing Team at (407) 656-2734 x 307,, or visit


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