Simultaneously revealing value in distressed properties and everyday citizens

 “People are a lot like buildings,” Natalie says, as she drives her two daughters to school every day passing by the boarded-up homes in South Apopka, “If you invest in them they thrive, but if you neglect them, they will always decline.” Natalie Jones, Orlando native, Certified Life Coach & Master Facilitator, has an interesting perspective when it comes to the Central Florida community. Maybe it’s her degree in Architecture and years of work in community development, that makes it difficult to ignore the potential of every abandoned home she sees.
CEO of Nat C. Company, a Life Coaching, and Facilitation company, in 2015 she established the Community Life Improvement Center, a non-profit, based in Central Florida and designed to develop the lives our region’s most vulnerable demographic, starting with girls. With her team, she consistently met with 60 girls, bi-weekly, Elementary school age to young adults for 10 months each year, developing faith, self-esteem, healthy relationships and community awareness in them. Although the program was successful, they ran into issues finding places to meet. The program needed a home.
“Everyone is comfortable in a cozy home environment, especially girls,”  Natalie says “and it is important that people feel safe to open up and share their feelings. When you’re constantly switching locations based on availability, it is hard to build that trust.” It was obvious that CLIC needed a special place to call home. So, combining her passion for developing people with her love of buildings, Natalie sprung into action and launched the CLIC House campaign this month, June 2019. The CLIC House campaign has a mission to raise money for the purchase of abandoned homes throughout Central Florida and rehab them for community use. All contributions to this cause are tax-deductible.
“The CLIC House model will be stationed in the most challenged communities and a place where local residents can receive coaching to develop all of the life skills they need to improve their community,” Natalie says. “We are targeting areas like Pine Hills, Richmond Heights, Parramore and South Apopka, to offer residents the support they need to thrive, because we know if the residents thrive the community will automatically improve.”
Although Natalie is in the very early stages of fundraising, she is determined to reach every media outlet, bank, government institution and powerhouse in Central Florida to bring The CLIC House to fruition. Natalie says, “It’s time for everyday citizens like you and me, to stop complaining about what we don’t like in our communities and instead create a plan and that will allow us to do something about it. This is my something, my contribution, my skill set, my passion and my service to the communities I love.”
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