6 “good news” stories this week in The Apopka Voice:

Here are six articles published this week in The Apopka Voice that will enlighten, inspire and engage you. Enjoy.

Shared knowledge through a multitude of voices

Apopka realtor makes “20 under 40” Rising Stars list

Lake Apopka Natural Gas District “SOARS”

Wendell Wilkie: A statesman for the ages

The king of comedy

The mourning crow and a life-changing experience



  1. I didn’t attend the last council meeting, but I was happy to see the bear ordinance passed. I hope the COA will receive a grant for bear resistant garbage cans, from FWC, as I would buy one at $50.00, through a grant, but not at the regular cost, that I have seen them for, at over $200.00 to $250.00 dollars. I priced the ones at Lowes. That price is really too high, for most residents. I tried to get Mayor Kilsheimer interested in putting in for us citizens of the city, for bear resistant garbage cans with the FWC, when I spoke about it at the city council’s public comment section in the past, and he just brushed it off, even though there were bears all around here in our city limits, so thanks Mayor Nelson for that! And I had heard Mayor Nelson state that the FWC is the ones to determine the actual bear area that the cans would be offered in the city, and that probably the cans would be offered north of Welch Road, in the city limits, but I see on the map, in The Apopka Chief today, my street is in the bear area, so I was surprised they will be offered to my street if we do get the grant, but I know I personally have seen bears right below the Apopka Post Office, in a backyard tree on Martin Street, on Pebbles Court, (if that is city, not sure) and over in Dream Lake Homes subdivision, and at the end of Magnolia St. to the west, so I think this is not only good news, but great news!

  2. However, to keep it all in perspective, unfortunately the FWC obtains the money to offer the bear proof garbage cans at a discount rate, by charging a fee for an ear tag, that is, to hunt the bears, and each small price for an ear tag, that a hunter kills a bear and tags it, goes into a fund for these cans. Although they sell way too many ear tags! If all those bears were killed, that they sell ear tag for….OMG, there would be NO BEARS, very soon, if they did allow the bear hunts annually. I hope they don’t allow one this season coming up!


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