Welcome back my friends to the story that never ends – the red light camera program in Apopka.

Are they good? Are they bad? Do they save lives or cause rear-end collisions? Are they a revenue stream Apopka needs to balance the budget? Or are they potentially a broken campaign promise that will fracture the community’s trust in elected officials?

We want to know what you think…

Today through Wednesday you have the opportunity to share your opinion in The Apopka Voice Reader’s Poll: Special Red Light Camera Edition. Help to shape the future of Apopka as it applies to the future of red light cameras.

The poll concludes at noon on Wednesday.


  1. Too much hassles on everything. How can they identify who is the driver? It could be anybody behind the wheel not the owner of the vehicle. They even actually will put it on the record, they lied about it. It’s on my record when it was my spouse that drove and ran through the red light.

  2. This was a Broken promise on the new mayor he said he was going to get rid of them as soon as he stepped in the office the red light cameras don’t really save people life Infect the flashing light hurts people eyes hey make them crash into others and for a business owner like myself I have received a number of tickets during the time Mechanics be the ones driving. This not good

  3. How do I get in on this? I think red light cameras are good. They certainly change behavior. At my second home near Clearwater at Indian Rocks Beach, FL, the folks in Pinellas County by and large run red lights and certainly do not stop before turning right on red, even if I am driving the posted 45 mph! They will pull right out in front of oncoming traffic. It is blatant disregard. It used to be that way in Apopka, too!

  4. The Mayor has not broken his promise, without causing Apopka residents more money that we don’t have he cannot get out of the contract until December, and the commissioners have to approve it, personally I am for them, they save lives and unless you break the law which is a state law, not Apopkas you won’t get a ticket, as far as who is driving the person that owns. The car is responsible for it’s operation unless a policeman gives the driver a ticket, you the owner are responsible.

  5. Keep the red light cameras and work on technology to ticket the idiots who pass stopped school buses. Having someone very close to me almost killed (the car was totaled) by a red light runner in downtown Orlando I fully support their use to save lives. As far as the BS about who is driving, unless your car had been reported stolen it’s up to the owner to pay the fine and collect from the driver…


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