From the Office of U.S. Congresswoman Val Demings

Just ten minutes of your time can help our community get better schools, fully-funded hospitals, critical funding to repair our streets and infrastructure, and the political power that we need to advocate for ourselves in Washington.

I am of course talking about the U.S. Census, which you can respond to at

Español: Guía en Video para Completar el Censo del 2020 por Internet:


Kreyòl Ayisyen: Gid Videyo ki montre kijan pou Ranpli Resansman 2020 an sou entènèt:

During this pandemic, we all have to do our part to keep safe. Responding to the Census online will mean that this civic duty will be completely done. Otherwise, a Census worker will need to come to your home to get your response. You can help protect them by responding online.

The Census is completely confidential, and no information will be shared with other government agencies, including any law enforcement agency. The only purpose of the Census is to determine how much federal funding and representation our community will receive.

Please take the time to reply today at or by calling 844-330-2020.


  1. You might as well fill out the census as there sure isn’t anything else to do now days. Dollar Tree next to Staples in Apopka just got a load of new hard cover books in for a dollar each and I was in a rush to get back out to the truck before it started raining, but I even saw James Comey’s book there….A Higher something, can’t remember, but it had truth, lies and leadership written on the cover if you are up for the reading…..

  2. Tropical cyclone slated to head this way on it’s path across the Carribean, so get ready Apopka, it remains unnamed, for now, but get supplies, and gas, because you know what happens when hurricanes blow this way!


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