survival training

Think back to the first few days of October 2016.  Did you find yourself in a grocery or the big box stores scrambling for essential items like water, food or fuel?

Catastrophes can happen anywhere and at any time.  Every year we hear or read articles of people who go on hikes or wilderness trips and end up lost and sometimes die, due to exposure or starvation.  Do you ever wonder what you’d do in an emergency when the phones no longer work?

Are you tired of not knowing what to do in the case of an emergency, natural disaster, or catastrophe?  The key in most survival situations regardless of whether you are lost in the woods or homeless and hungry in the hours after a disaster is to recognize and identify the resources around you to prolong your life.

Magnolia Park in Apopka has been chosen as the site for a uniquely designed survival training event; Survive 2 Thrive. 

A weekend filled with hands-on basic survival training designed and taught specifically for those who have had no survival skills training, in a relaxed learning environment, or for anyone needing a refresher course.

Survive 2 Thrive co-founder Danny Huff, a former long-term Central Florida resident, was inspired to design this course based upon his past survival training experiences, taking the best parts of many different survival schools and his own personal survival experiences and developing this unique course.

Participants will learn knife handling safety, making fire using several different methods, making cordage, knot tying, building shelters, water purification, how and where to source food, map/compass training, and finally emergency wilderness first aid training.  In addition, native Floridian, Peggy Lantz, a Florida Master Naturalist, outdoorswoman, and editor and author will be on hand presenting a workshop on Florida’s wild edibles and other sources of food.

Use this link to learn more about Survive 2 Thrive.



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