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Why It's Smart to Choose Used Heavy Equipment for Your Business


By Allen Brown

While it seems one can’t get any job done without the proper tools, the proper tools always come with a price. Whether you’re in construction, agriculture, transportation, logistics, or any other similar field - you will need heavy machinery to get things done. Forklifts, jackhammers, steam rollers, packaging lines… the list is extensive and hard to comprehend if you don’t know the production process.

When buying, you will face a vast selection on the market, as the globalized economy has made every corner of the globe accessible to virtually any producer. And as much as the quality will vary - so will the price. At that point, you will be faced with the question of whether it is smarter to invest in used equipment or get something brand new, and here you will find out why the former is the smarter option.

Actual Value Vs. Price

When in the search for new machinery you will, of course, want to know exactly what you need. It’s usually the job of engineers to calculate a certain maximum capacity, motor power, weight load, etc, all of which will help determine a certain machine that fits the purpose. After that, you’re out on a hunt for what’s being currently offered on the market.

The price of any product on the free market will be dependent almost exclusively on supply and demand. This, as any business person will know, doesn’t have anything to do with the actual value of a product, which can be far greater or lower than what the price suggests. So, when searching for a used forklift for sale, you will notice that almost all of them are in excellent condition. Why? Because they are from start made as very sturdy tools and handle well, even when bought secondhand. The considerably lower price for used ones, in this case, is because there is a large supply of new ones all the time.

How Does Heavy Equipment Age?

Another thing to consider is how usage affects the equipment at hand. Do machines tend to break down, do they need major parts to be replaced, or anything else? The answer is, actually, quite fortunate. Heavier machines are usually much sturdier than their lighter counterparts, not only because they were made for heavy-duty labor, but because the whole design benefits a longer working life.

Modern materials, such as plastic, have made a lot of things much easier to produce, and have made them a lot lighter. While this has helped save countless amounts of fuel otherwise needed to operate the machines, it has also made the outer shell much easier to break, thereby exposing the inner parts. Older machines are still frequently in use and will continue to be, especially if they have been maintained.

Learning to Use Older Gear

The same thing happens when someone gets a new piece of technology, such as a smartphone. Developers and engineers will try their best to design a new and nicer appearance, make existing features more practical, and new ones useful. But that doesn’t change the fact that most people will prefer the old way of doing things, because, as everybody knows - old habits die hard. Depending on how old the equipment is, it can be something that is “relatively new”, as compared to being old enough to be placed in a museum. Whatever the age, older gear is usually simpler to use, with fewer electronics and more manual pushing to get things moving.

Tried and Tested

If you’ve decided on getting a used machine, it is worthwhile to look at the history of that specific brand and model. In some industries, certain models can be so reliable and long-lasting that their name even becomes a standard for others.

That is why you should strive to get your hands on one of those machines that have been tried and tested beyond any doubt, and that you know for sure will be money well-spent. That is something you can find both online and also by talking to industry professionals who have used them.

A business should not burden itself with unneeded expenses, especially if you know that used heavy machinery, a serious investment, can be obtained in excellent working conditions. With just a bit of background research, and consulting with an engineer or two, it’s easy to decide what to get within your budget. Just remember to continue to take care of the equipment, and it will likely serve you as long and as well as a new one would.


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