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What to Look for When Choosing a Data Room Provider?


Virtual data rooms are a popular technology ideal for exchanging business-critical documents. They are mostly used by investors, business owners, lawyers, buyers, advisors, and clients during mergers and acquisitions.

Choosing the best virtual data room providers can sometimes be challenging if proper guidance is not rendered. However, this piece will explore what to look for when selecting a data room provider.

What are the best virtual data room providers?

As far as the data room review is concerned, the following are some of the top software that can meet your needs:

  •  iDeals
  • Intralinks (SS&C)
  • Donnelley (DFIN)
  • Clinked (Clinked.com)
  • Citrix (ShareFile)
  • DealRoom
  • SecureDocs
  • Firmex
  • Datasite
  • Box

What are the benefits of virtual data room providers?

Some of the well-known implementations of electronic data room solutions are data room for M&A due diligence, real estate management, corporate repository, capital raising, and Initial Public Offering (IPO). 

The following are some of the great examples of what data room providers can do for your business:

  1. Help analyze corporate documentation
  2. Offer hitch-free communication with investors
  3. Allows auditing before a merger and acquisition transaction
  4. Help prepare documents for the company’s IPO
  5. Can analyze code and send it safely to other contractors
  6. Perfect for corporate document repository creation
  7. Help restructure procedures and bankruptcy

The essential factors to look for when choosing a data room provider

Below are the seven primary factors you need to consider to choose the right virtual data room provider for your company.


Security stands to be the strength of virtual data rooms (VDRs) like virtual-dataroom.org. Developers understand this and ensure they build every provider with strong security systems. This security is seen in three unique aspects. These are:

  • Physical security. Industry-grade data centers, together with physical security measures (such as offsite data backups, data redundancy, fire protection, and biometric access), are used by great VDR providers. These receive further validation with regular penetration testing and a good business continuity plan.
  • Feature security. Users must ensure that they look into this aspect of security based on its prime importance. Human error usually leads to most data breaches. The basic features of a good data room provider are to make workflows more efficient and protect against user errors. Some of the flexible feature security include change and expiration requirements, password complexity, multiple user types, inactivity timeouts, and access control restrictions. 
  • Data security. One of the primary ways to identify online data room software is to meet security compliances and offer top-level security measures. Virtual data room providers will use security measures such as data encryption, network firewalls, and virus and intrusion protection to assure data safety.

User activity tracking

You must know that the data room software can offer the needed tools to track users' activity.  So, you may want to go for virtual data room providers that can offer services such as monitoring every user's login activity, getting valuable insights from every tracked user, documenting activity in the data room, and knowing easily when, where, who, and the number of times the documents have been accessed.

Document access controls

To choose a suitable virtual data room provider, it's important that you consider document access controls. Besides, you should ask yourself the following questions and provide honest answers to them:

  • Is a simple and flexible option for assigning security to users and documents offered by your VDR provider?
  • Does it support establishing time frames for user access?
  • Does it support placing dynamic watermarks on each viewed or printed page of a document to assure the security of such a document?
  • Is it possible to specify view only, download, and printing permissions by user and file?

Customer support

You should check if the virtual data room provider has an active customer support team that can offer rapid support to clients whenever needed and expected. 

Usability and relevance

When you compare virtual data rooms to other storage tools, you will see that good data room providers will provide clients with an experience that matches their needs. So, ensure that the list of features you go for are those that you need and won't complicate your process.

If you see a solution with great features, but some of them are irrelevant, you must ensure that the data room software supports turning off the features that won’t be used.

  • Good virtual data room providers are known for continuously upgrading data room services and ensuring users have the needed features to manage and share delicate documents flawlessly. Besides, good VDR providers will create room for customer feedback for insights and future development.

Proven track record

A virtual data room provider with a proven track record is the best tool for any organization to facilitate transactions. Choosing this kind of provider will give you confidence and boost your efficiency.


Transparent pricing models, which can meet the needs of various industries and businesses of all sizes, are provided by good data room providers. If your industry uses virtual data rooms, they may have some requirements that pertain to the number of administrators, storage space, number of users,  and customer support requirements that also vary. Be sure to address them when choosing a provider.


Every organization needs virtual data room services for the security and optimal confidentiality of delicate information. Using the aforementioned factors will help you find a reliable data room vendor that can offer numerous benefits to you and other involved parties.

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